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                                                             About People Who Are Laid Off Work

    With the readjustment of our economic structure, it is unavoidable that some people will be laid off work. In the past, we had the so-called planned economy. Many of our enterprises were overstaffed. Now we have market economy. We pay more attention to the efficiency. So, the surplus workers will be dismissed. That is quite natural.
    Being laid-off-work is not terrible. the only thing that is terrible is you don't know what to do and lose your confidence. in fact, there are many ways leading to success.
    Here, I want to give some suggestions to the people who are laid off work. First, if they have some money, they can use it to do some business. For example, they can open a small shop, selling food, drinks, ice-creams, or even flowers. Second, if they don't have much money, they can learn a skill. For example, they can learn how to sew clothes, how to cook, how to type, etc. Always remember:"Where there is will,there is a way."


    In the summer of 1998,unprecedented floods happened in China. There were many causes. First, of course, it rained too hard. This is a cause which cannot be controlled by huaman beings. Second, some man-made factors must also be taken into consideration. For example, in Sichuan Province, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, people had cut down too many trees. the deforestation made the situation very serious.
    Millions of people lost their homes. Some even lost their lives.Floods also destroyed our crops and a lot of fertile fields. According to n estimate, the total damage is about 200 billion yuan.
    However, it also has some positive effects. For example, our people have been exercised. The whole nation has become more united and every person has shown more love seeing others in great trouble. Although the floods are bad, yet, we can draw some lessons form them . So, the protection of our environment will become perfect and our country will have a much brighter future as a result of it.

                                                                             On Housing Reform

    The old house-alloting policy had at least two disadvantages, First, the government spent a lot of money building some houses were alloted to people free of charge. Thus, the government would have no money to build more houses for people who hadly needed them. Second, the persons who were in power could get more houses than those who were powerless. This was quite unfair.
    On the contrary, the new system of house allotment may bring about many new things. For example, the government will have more money which can be used in house construction. So, the housing industry can develop more quickly. Besides, because houses will be sold to people, the chances they get will be equal.
    When I enter the society, I would get a loan form the bank to buy my own house. Then, I would try to pay back the loan in the shortest time possible. After that, I would proudly claim:"Now, I am the master of that house."

                                                                               Pollution Control
    There are many causes of pollution. Let us have look at some of them. First, there are so many cars in our cities, especially large ones. They give off waste, sometimes even poisonous gases. Swcond, many factories, such as paper-making ones, let their dirty water directly flow into our rivers and lakes. Third, farmers use more and more chemicals and pesticides. So, our fields are polluted.
    Of coures, these pollutants are harmful to our health. Some rivers have become undrinkable. Some polluted food or vegetables can cause cancer and if we breathe dirty air into our lungs, we may fall ill.
    Now, some goverments are taking measures to solve this problem. For example, our government is making a policy to punish the factories which have made the Huai River Very dirty. Also, our government is reducing the number of cars in Beijing. I think all these are very necessary. If we all work hard, this problem can be solved in the future.

                                                                                   No Smoking

    Smoking is harmful. This has been proved by scientific experiments. However, many young people still smoke nowadays. They don't know that smoking can destroy their brain cells. They may get lung cancer or heart diseases.
    Smoking does not only harm the smokers but also people around them. Some people who don't smoke have to breathe in dirty air. If they suffer form this too long, they can also become the victims of smoking and develop the same diseases.
    Therefore, smoking is a bad habit. Everyone, especially young people, should do their best to get rid of it. The non-smokers should dissuade their relatives form smoking or, at least, they should take up fight for cleaner air.

                                                                   Global Shortage of Fresh Water

    Many people believe that fresh water will never be used up. They think that fresh water comes from such varieties of sources that it is always sufficient for us. Such opinion leads to surprisiong waste of water.
    As a matter of fact, the earth is short of fresh water. Furthermore, with the rapid growth of the world's population, the rising demand of water by industry, and the serious pollution of our surroundings, the world is facing the danger of running out of fresh water. Actually, in some big cities, fresh water cannot meet the daily needs.
    Therefore, it is up to us to find new ways to save water. First, we should make the best use of water, and not waste it. Second, scientists must work even harder to purify sea water, polluted water and try to find solutions in industry to reduce the use of fresh.

                                                                Positive and Negative Aspects of Sports

    Sports benefit us in many respects. When taking part in sports, we get the chance to train almost all parts of our bodies. There is no doubt that proper sports activities keep our physical fitness. Furthermore,sports can enrich our life and maintain our psychological health. Through participation, everyone can learn that on the playgroud he not only struggles for himself but also fights for his team. Sports teach us about consideration, cooperation and optimism to failure.
    But sports can do som e harm to those people who can not plan their activities properly. Too hard training may hurt their bodies, exhaust their vigor, and even cause them to be sick.
    In general, I love sports. I enjoy sports. I feel that I not only gain a well-balanced life through going in for sports, but also get more chances to move closer to nature. Sports add happiness to my everday life when I perform in a decent way.

                                                                                My Ideal Job

    When people ask us about what we want to be in the future, we usually have different answers.
    We might want to be teachers, doctors, scientists, sportsmen and so on.
    To tell you the truth, my ideal job is on business. This idea came into being when I was a child.
    Now, I am majoring in Industry and Foreign Trade. I'm sure what I am learning new will give me a lot of help and preparation for my future job requires rich knowledge and skills. On the one hand, I should master my speciality knowledge. On the other hand, I should have a good command of other knowledge and skills. Besides, I must spend time improving my English because English is very essential in doing business with foreigners. Where there is a will,there is a way. I have confidence in myself that I can be a good businessman.


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