TOEFL writing——academic vocabulary

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This article talks about how to use the word 'ability'.

1. Words

Ability n. It means someone is skill in doing something.

 eg: Do you have an advanced ability in English?

2. Collocates

High ability n. an ability that you are skill in.

Low ability n. an ability that you are not good at.

Average ability n. an common level.

Natural ability n. an ability that you are born with.

Mixed ability n. something mixed with different levels.

To the best of your ability n.

eg: When you speak English, do not worry about your mistakes, just speak to the best of your ability.

Lose the ability to do something v.

eg:  Lose the ability to speak.

Lack the ability to do something v.

eg: Lack the ability to pass a test when the test is much more difficult for you.

Have the ability to do something v.

eg: Have the ability to speak confidently.

Show the ability to do something v.

eg: Show the ability to perform well.

3. Cognitive ability

Cognitive ability n. the ability to know and perceive.

High/ low/ average cognitive ability.

eg: He is a student with an above average cognitive ability.


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