Why I can't keep on going?

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  Yesterday  I went to my partner's home to solve a problem. Originaly there is nothing unhappy. After we began talking about the everyday network expense and electicity expense, I noted my suggestion to our little business. I can't retain such situation that we do nothing for this business. I don't know why. Maybe I have complain to his attitude. I don't want to cooperate with such a person who doesn't trust me. We have too much complainment. We don't think about our business, just think about the benefit and losses. We don't think about the way out. How can we success?  So I decide to quit this business. There is nothing wrong with this decision I think. But it is right that Lucy has said. I needn't calculate everything so clearly. There is not so much loss even I get 2 or 3 hundred yuan. The problem is that  I get something during this business. Maybe the biggest problem for me is that I will seriously thinking about anything I loss. I'm always worring about something. So I'm always thinking about I will lose something. In every minute I'm thinking about this issue.

  How can I break this restriction?  Don't think everything seriously? Or I will ignore anything that I don't care? But what should I care about? It's a big problem. I should often ask me this question? What should I do? Where I'm going? Why should I worry about those things so seriously? 

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Keep on Going

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Latex Error: ! I can't write on file `xxx.log'.

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Matlab 用途(我的理解)

Matlab优点: 1.高效的数值计算功能。目前其他编程语言以及其他类似的数学软件无可替代; 2.完备的计算结果和编程可视化功能。这一点其他软件,无可替代; 3.接近数学表达式的自然化m语言。非常易...
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第三发jar包或者aar包混淆:can't find superclass or interface

-dontwarn和-keep 结合使用,保证com.xx.yy.**包里的所有类和所有方法不被混淆。 -dontwarn com.xx.yy.** -keep class com.xx.yy.*...
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