Savepoints In Transactions

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Savepoints In Transactions

You can declare intermediate markers called savepoints within the context of a transaction. Savepoints divide a long transaction into smaller parts.

Using savepoints, you can arbitrarily mark your work at any point within a long transaction. You then have the option later of rolling back work performed before the current point in the transaction but after a declared savepoint within the transaction. For example, you can use savepoints throughout a long complex series of updates, so if you make an error, you do not need to resubmit every statement.

Savepoints are similarly useful in application programs. If a procedure contains several functions, then you can create a savepoint before each function begins. Then, if a function fails, it is easy to return the data to its state before the function began and re-run the function with revised parameters or perform a recovery action.

After a rollback to a savepoint, Oracle releases the data locks obtained by rolled back statements. Other transactions that were waiting for the previously locked resources can proceed. Other transactions that want to update previously locked rows can do so.

When a transaction is rolled back to a savepoint, the following occurs:

  1. Oracle rolls back only the statements run after the savepoint.

  2. Oracle preserves the specified savepoint, but all savepoints that were established after the specified one are lost.

  3. Oracle releases all table and row locks acquired since that savepoint but retains all data locks acquired previous to the savepoint.

The transaction remains active and can be continued.

Whenever a session is waiting on a transaction, a rollback to savepoint does not free row locks. To make sure a transaction does not hang if it cannot obtain a lock, use FOR UPDATE ... NOWAIT before issuing UPDATE or DELETE statements. (This refers to locks obtained before the savepoint to which has been rolled back. Row locks obtained after this savepoint are released, as the statements executed after the savepoint have been rolled back completely.)


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