The king of Geeks

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Linus Torvalds: The King of Geeks (And Dad of 3)


Geeks面试题: Closest Pair of Points | O(nlogn) Implementation

本题是前一题的二分法的改进,前一个算法的效率是O(nlgnlgn) 前一遍二分法: 为什么这...

Geeks面试题: Closest Pair of Points

好困难的一道题目,虽然方法是二分法,但是其中也牵涉到暴力法,其中的函数qsort的使用也值得学习学习。 其中最难的地方: 就是上面说的第6步。其中的证明可以上网找找资料,其实也不是很难。 会了证明之...

Geeks 面试题 - Maximum Length Chain of Pairs

本博客贴出动态规划法解和贪心法的程序。 动态规划法的时间效率是O(n*n); 而贪心法的效率是O(nlgn),主要是因为sort需要O(nlgn)的时间效率,而贪心法本身只需要O(n)....

资本之王 king of capital

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The Love of a King——4、The Meeting

In the autumn of 1930 Edward went to stay with his friends Lord and Lady Furness.This is how he desc...
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return of the king

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The Love of a King——8、The Storm

In July and August Wallis and the King sailed the Mediter-ranean.They met Prime Minister Metaxas in ...
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JBoss AS 7之基本配置和部署(The Return Of The King)

1.4 JBoss As 7基本配置 1.4.1 IP访问控制 因默认情况下,jboss仅可通过127.0.0.1和localhost来访问。如果你想局域网中的其它IP来访问,你可以在standalo...

The Prisoner of Zenda——12、The prisoner and the King

We needed bad weather,but it was a fine,clear night. At midnight Sapt,Fritz,and their men left and ...
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