Mistakes because we are taking it for granted

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We are always making mistakes on which we think we definitely will not make mistakes.

This afternoon, I compiled one batch program with CICS option 'Y', I didn't notice it because I chose 'N' in other option which contained CICS option, but what I didn't notice before is that there is a side desription beside 'other option' which says 'for display', I just took it for granted that if I chose 'N' for other option, 'CICS option' would also be defaulted to 'N'. I took 2 hours to find out why, but nothing was found out. And after that, I was reminded by one of my team member that if you parameters for compilation were not correct, I just told him definitely not. But why I couldn't read the commonarea after the pgm was called? After another hour's effort, I decided to check all paras and compile again, then I noticed 'for display'  this time, and this small option made me spend several hours on it.

For me, it is only several hours to find out my taking for granted mistake, but some others may be not so lucky as me. They may give the cost of their lives.

There was an experienced electrician who was dead on the telegraph pole because he thought he was experienced enough, and no need for him to do security check.

There is a Chinese folksay which says the one who is drowned is always the one who can swim. Let's stop taking things for granted, and correct our mistake asap before it becomes a bigger one.


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