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原创 2006年05月27日 16:11:00

The boss in Singapore called me to ask if I want to transfer to BA team.

BA is business analysis, it is a separate team from design and development. Currently the project managers play the both roles, not only communicating with business and writing function specifications, but also doing design and managing people. And they are always working very late every day. So the bosses want to seperate BA and design, then everybody can focus on one field.

Below is the advantages and disavantages of being a BA


1. Communicate with users, your English will be improved greatly.

2. As a BA, you will know the whole process, you will know every application, how the business works, how the whole project works.

3. You will have more chances to be promoted, because BAs are exposed to the management, whatever your achievement is, you can be recognized by the bosses.

4. You will be transfered to Singapore.

5. As a girl, you can't be a programmer for ever.


1. You have to give up your technical skills.

2. You have to adapt yourself to a new team, new colleauges.

3. The most important is you have to get along with a new boss.

My boss gave me half an hour to decide, but after I valued all the above factors, I still couldn't decide to stay or to be transfered, then I flipped a coin the decide twice, the coin said 'Don't go' for two times.

I know my carear shouldn't be decided by the coin, but it's really a hard choice. And now I regret a little for my decision.


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