PL/SQL Developer 6.02发布

原创 2004年09月18日 18:30:00

PL/SQL Developer - News

September 14, 2004 - Version 6.0.2 released
  • Partitioned tables were not detected correctly on Oracle8i
  • Partitions tab page was visible when viewing a non-partitioned table
  • Code Assistant did not describe materialized views
  • Code Assistant did not describe record types declared in another package
  • Code Assistant could remove spaces typed after a comma
  • File -> Close All could lead to invisible confirmation dialog
  • Font Bold & Italic preferences did not work for browser and grid
  • Key Configuration preference would not handle all keys properly
  • Compare User Objects could incorrectly change column properties when column order for source and target table is different
  • Large Data Editor had problems with XML data with lines > 65000 characters
  • Preference "Use DBA views if available" could cause ORA-00942 after switching from a DBA user to a normal user
  • Compilation errors were not displayed when "create or replace" and object name are on different lines
  • Could no longer connect with just / for externally identified users
  • Deleting a column selection in the editor could also delete adjacent highlighted text
  • Dropping a java source from the Object Browser would cause ORA-29501
  • PL/SQL Beautifier did not format all ANSI join types correctly
  • On Oracle7 Explain Plan and Test function did not replace PL/SQL variables by bind variables
  • Text Importer would only import 99 records when pasting from clipboard
  • Data Generator did not handle a master with 2 details correct
  • UxTheme related errors fixed
  • Browser Folders would not save connection property
  • TSV Exporter would skip first field if it was empty
  • Large Data Editor now closes when pressing Escape
  • Compiling a body with a missing or invalid specification with "Safe compilation" preference would give compilation errors with temporary object name
  • Hyperlink navigation did not work correctly for compound custom keywords
  • Hyperlink navigation did not immediately update Code Contents
  • Generating a Test Script for a non-packaged program unit with parameters with user-defined types would not create local variables with correct types
  • Dropping an object in the Compile Invalid Objects tool would not update the compilation error list
  • Fixed a problem starting specific applications when PL/SQL Developer is running
  • Data Generator number precision displayed for fields with a scale of 0 would not be correct
  • Explain Plan and Test function now also replaces constants by bind variables in select statement
  • Pressing a cell button in an empty Single Record grid in a SQL Window would cause an error message
  • Export to Excel could display cells as #### due to column width
  • SQL Window now preserves result message after navigating in result grid when "Show dictionary info" preference is set
  • Tables folder in Tablespace folder in Object Browser did not list partitioned tables
  • Compare User Objects memory usage optimized
  • Compare User Objects list included tables from the Oracle10g recycle bin
  • Fixed splitter problem and alignment of editor in XML Editor
  • Oracle Logon preference "Fixed Users" is now stored encrypted
  • Excel interface would not handle Japanese characters properly
  • Fixed "Invalid pointer operation" errors
August 25, 2004 - Version 6.0.1 released
  • Support for Oracle10g EZCONNECT added
  • Performance of "Copy to Excel" function improved
  • DDL for synonyms now uses "create or replace" syntax for Oracle 9.2 and later
  • Pressing an "Auto refresh timer" button now immediately executes the Window
  • Shortcuts Plug-In enabled again
  • Scrollbar in Explain Plan function now scrolls all contents
  • Compare User Objects would try to rename columns when column order is different
  • Code Hierarchy did not have Explain Plan and Test popup menu items for select statements
  • Executing a Report would copy the SQL to the clipboard
  • Report would not ask for password when "locked for others"
  • PL/SQL Beautifier preview did not show effect of "Wrap zero level AND/OR" option for Control Structures
  • Proxy settings added for Updates & News
  • Renaming an object in the SQL Window could lead to incorrect "Object has been deleted" message
  • Beautifier DML Rule "AND/OR under where clause" was always enabled
  • Code Contents could sometimes be blank or out-of-date
  • Fixed various access violations
  • Explain Plan function did not replace record field PL/SQL variables in SQL text by bind variables on Oracle 9.0 and earlier
  • Safe compilation could fail if the package body contains references to objects with the same name in another package
  • Disabling the "Include Storage" option during Export User Objects would still include partition storage information
  • Text Importer now correctly autodetects text with pipelines
  • Large Data Editor now supports undo, redo, find and select all
  • Text Importer data preview would not highlight multi line fields correctly


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