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It is increasingly important for applications to protect the privacy and security of data. Unfortunately, it is often non-trivial for programmers to enforce privacy policies. We have developed Jeeves to make it easier for programmers to enforce information flow policies: policies that describe who can see what information flows through a program. Jeeves allows the programmer to write policy-agnostic programs, separately implementing policies on sensitive values from other functionality.

To implement programs adhering to information flow policies in state-of-the art systems, programmers must write checks and filters across the program. Jeeves is the first language that aims to factor these checks and filters out of the program, allowing the programmer to write them once alongside the program. While there exist approaches for checking that programs do not leak information, they do not automatically manage these policy checks. To use an analogy to memory management, the other approaches do something like what valgrind does for finding memory leaks, while Jeeves is the equivalent of a memory-managed language, but for information flow policies.

Just like Wooster's clever valet Jeeves in Wodehouse's stories, the Jeeves runtime does the hard work, automatically enforcing the policies to show the appropriate output to each viewer. We have implementations of Jeeves as embedded domain-specific languages in Scala, Python, and Haskell. We are looking at using Jeeves for web frameworks and other applications. Try it out!

CF 700E Cool Slogans 线段树+后缀数组贪心求解

题目大意化简成我理解的题意,跟原题有点不一样! 给你一个长度为NN的字符串SS,定义一个字符串AA比另一些字符串BiB_i”酷”,当且仅当AA中有至少两个为BiB_i的子串(可以重叠,但不可以完全重...
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Cool Edit Pro 功能详解: Transform or Effect

Filters(滤波器)在它下面还有好多选项:       FFT Filter(FFT滤波器):这个滤波器使用起来还算简单。在对话框的图形窗口中你可以任意画出所需的滤波曲线,并且每个频率转...
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Cool Edit Pro v2.1 消除人声

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printf("%s! c is cool!\n","%s! c is cool!\n");

#include #define FORMAT "%s! C is cool!\n" int main(void) { int num=10; printf(FORMAT,FORMAT);...
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关于Cool Compiler

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Codeforces 700E Cool Slogans 后缀数组+线段树

E. Cool Slogans time limit per test 4 seconds memory limit per test 512 megabytes i...
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cool edit 如何制作声音淡出效果?

将音乐用软件打开,点击单轨编辑(默认),然后选中你想将之淡出的声音段。 点上面工具栏的“效果”——“波形振幅”——“渐变” 就会出来一个面板。 在面板的右侧有一栏“预置”,找到其中的“Fade out...
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我手中的源码是一份开源coolreader源码,废话不多说,直接进入正题吧。我会尽量明白思路。 首先分析源码首先从mainfest文件开始,首先找到他的第一个启动activity,然后顺藤摸...
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Codeforces 700E Cool Slogans 后缀自动机+可持久化线段树+dp

题意 给你一个长度为n的字符串S,求最长的一个字符串序列a[1..k]a[1..k]满足序列中的每一个字符串都是S的子串,且对于任意的1i=k1都有a[i−1]a[i-1]在a[i]a[i]中至少出...
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Cool Edit Pro的入门

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