September 10th Monday (九月 十日 月曜日)

原创 2007年10月14日 13:31:00
  Someone considered my technique bad!  It is said that there is a opportunity to go to Japan on business.  However, if
your japanese is so bad that you had better forget it.  I sent a mail to my developing department secretary in order to
apply to this chance.

  He replyed a mail and told me that I have no chance this time due to my bad japanese and my bad technique.

  My bad technique!!!  There are many project managers and advance project managers, though they are senior to me, their
technique is certain junior to me.  It can be made sure by me, just as I make sure that the sun will rise still
at east tomorrow.


Java的JDK中提供了一系列好用的util工具类。Calendar就是java.util中用于处理日期的工具类。且该工具类易学易用实用。 工具类Calendar是抽象类。 PS:为什么把Ca...
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public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { testConvertZwrq(); } pr...
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js实现获取当前月份前的12个月份,格式化后放在一个数组里。 例如当前是2017年2月,现获取前12个月的月份放在数组里,输出的结果如下: [2017-01,2016-12,2016-11,2016-...
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September 10th 模拟赛C T1 电影票 Solution

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CentOS6.5菜鸟之旅:文件权限详解 一、前言                                 Linux下所有资源、设备均被视作文件来操作,而文件权限则是决定用户可各文件

CentOS6.5菜鸟之旅:文件权限详解 一、前言                                   Linux下所有资源、设备均被视作文件来操作,而文件权限则是...
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Linux 编程第四版; Begin Linux Programming 4th

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Localization in Clinical Neurology  5th Edition

  • 2010年04月25日 09:17
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JSP应用开发详解第三版 源代码 ch10

  • 2007年08月15日 13:36
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solaris10 介绍 第一章

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