September 10th Monday (九月 十日 月曜日)

原创 2007年10月14日 13:31:00
  Someone considered my technique bad!  It is said that there is a opportunity to go to Japan on business.  However, if
your japanese is so bad that you had better forget it.  I sent a mail to my developing department secretary in order to
apply to this chance.

  He replyed a mail and told me that I have no chance this time due to my bad japanese and my bad technique.

  My bad technique!!!  There are many project managers and advance project managers, though they are senior to me, their
technique is certain junior to me.  It can be made sure by me, just as I make sure that the sun will rise still
at east tomorrow.

2008 November 10th Monday (十一月 十日 月曜日)

 For all mapping modes, Windows translates window (logical) coordinates to viewport (device) coordin...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年11月28日 20:34
  • 469

2008 March 10th Monday (三月 十日 月曜日)

 I had studied a request message format to get the details of the communication between SCSes in dua...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年06月02日 11:55
  • 344

December 10th Monday (十二月 十日 月曜日)

  When a modual updates a glogally shared resource (other than one with its own protection, such asS...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年01月07日 20:14
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September 3th Monday (九月 三日 月曜日)

Today I defined a class in a header file, and implement it in a cpp file.  It is so usually to write...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年10月14日 13:12
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September 17th Monday (九月 十七日 月曜日)

  I was asked to develop a small tool which is used to simulate a respondency from apache.I did not ...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年10月14日 13:40
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2008 September 1st Monday (九月 一日 月曜日)

  This month, we must finish the accumulating function project.  There may be some bugs.But the main...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年10月01日 15:09
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September 24th Monday (九月 二十四日 月曜日)

 I have a heavy cold.  I do not the virus source from.  Perhaps, from my father.  I have sever wore ...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年10月14日 13:45
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2008 September 10th Wednesday (九月 十日 水曜日)

   Today is Teacher Day!!!  My testing report about accumulating thread will be changed to unit test...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年10月01日 15:15
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September 10th Thursday

Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people all over the world. It is also ca...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2009年09月10日 15:51
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September 28th Monday

  I implemented a module for nginx.  The module can verify a feature data of a finger print.  But, t...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2009年09月28日 15:56
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