2008 September 5th Friday (九月 五日 金曜日)

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   These days, I almost readed the Foundation every night.  Foundation, Foundation and Empire, The Second Foundation.
The science fiction is so interested.  However, I think another thing when reading, why the Seldon -- I don't remember
his english name, can deal with a way to save millions people from the disorder of three million years less or more.
What is its principle?

  Order!  The order is only answer from the whole story.  Order and chaos is an antinomy.  Order is people's friend
though it can also bring about some  the trouble.  In story, foundation is usd to together people, in that way a hierachy
which it is the central of foundation will be brought up.  Of course, in order to prevent unexpected something, an mysterious
second foundation was set up.

  In story, various crisis, various heros, mule and so on.  They are all represented for chaos.  The real enemy of people
is the power of chaos.  Mule is one kind of representation of chaos.  The scientists in the second foundation, ought to
be called pychhistorian, have to prevent those trouble unexpected factors.

  From the whole story, I can learn a simple management rule, make a plan, run it, control it.  Yes, it is essence after
deprived of romantic adventure story.

  lsof -p pid | wc -l

  To use the above command, you can a process how many file used.

2008 September 19th Friday (九月 十九日 金曜日)

   Yesterday I finished the system report on the part of accumumlating.  Today I begin to modify my ...
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  • 2008年10月01日 15:18
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2008 September 26th Friday (九月 二十六日 金曜日)

   Due to the disorder of the detail design I have to look through it again, check it again.  This a...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年10月01日 15:26
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2008 September 12th Friday (九月 十二日 金曜日)

   I am ill, so I am so tired.  But I have to work day by day, though I need a good rest.  To do thi...
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  • 2008年10月01日 15:16
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June 5th Friday (六月 五日 金曜日)

  Quasiquote forms may be nested. Substitutions are made only for unquoted components appearing at t...
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  • 2009年06月26日 20:45
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September 28th Friday (九月 二十八日 金曜日

  The purpose of Apaches start-up phase is to read the configuration, load modules and libraries, an...
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  • 2007年10月14日 13:57
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September 7th Friday (九月 七日 金曜日)

  Today I read several novel about Isaac Asmoiv.  These short stories show the great authors smart. ...
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  • 2007年10月14日 13:30
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September 5th Wedenesday (九月 五日 水曜日)

   For conveience I created a CMessageBar class, it likes wxStatusBar.  It is acutally just a panel ...
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  • 2007年10月14日 13:27
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2008 August 5th Tuesday (八月 五日 火曜日)

   Yesterday afternoon we got a TV meeting to discuss the problems in this system design.  This morn...
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  • 2008年09月03日 20:41
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2008 May 5th Monday (五月 五日 月曜日)

My house is selling.  I dont know when can be sold.  By the way, if I go back to Wuhan, I will have ...
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  • 2008年06月28日 21:14
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2008 February 15th Friday (二月 十五日 金曜日)

 A new task is coming.  There is a CGI program to transport data in high speed.  Now we must add a b...
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  • 2008年06月02日 11:33
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