2008 September 17th Wednesday (九月 十七日 水曜日)

原创 2008年10月01日 15:17:00
 Today I will be hardy to finish the system testing on the accumulating thread.  The rest of work is to rectify those
documents, such as detail design, system testing report.

  The next week we will have no time to testing in that our customer will reach at our corporation.  We will try ours best
to help and assist their work.

2008 September 24th Wednesday (九月 二十四日 水曜日)

   Today I am going to look through the source of eventhander program again.  This program is the ke...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年10月01日 15:22
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2008 September 10th Wednesday (九月 十日 水曜日)

   Today is Teacher Day!!!  My testing report about accumulating thread will be changed to unit test...
  • Lu_ming
  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年10月01日 15:15
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2008 September 3th Wednesday (九月 三日 水曜日)

   Today we begin to make a plan how to test the whole system.
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年10月01日 15:12
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October 17th Wednesday (十月 十七日 水曜日)

Yesterday I wrote an article -- On Chaos.  In this article, I express the university in which we are...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年11月18日 19:01
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June 17th Wednesday (六月 十七日 水曜日)

  I wrote a little program to simulate reproduce a babay.  The class LV in source is just a symbol f...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2009年06月26日 20:52
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September 26th Wednesday (九月 二十六日 水曜日)

   Today I came back to company after finish injection.  However, the wind of air condition is so co...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年10月14日 13:47
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September 12th Wednesday (九月 十二日 水曜日

  I met a problem.  How to get the number of disk parties in window?  In wxWidget there seems that n...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年10月14日 13:33
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September 19th Wednesday (九月 十九日 水曜日)

 Today I finished the developing the Shared file panel.  The splitters problem is still here.  But I...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年10月14日 13:43
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September 17th Monday (九月 十七日 月曜日)

  I was asked to develop a small tool which is used to simulate a respondency from apache.I did not ...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年10月14日 13:40
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2008 April 17th Thursday (四月 十七日 木曜日)

I am coming around from cold.  It is time to read the romance of the three kingdoms.
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年06月28日 20:51
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