2008 September 26th Friday (九月 二十六日 金曜日)

原创 2008年10月01日 15:26:00
   Due to the disorder of the detail design I have to look through it again, check it again.  This afternoon, there is a meeting on the
next duplication project.  These days we are studying the modules on it.  I don't know how many modules are modified.

  This time, Java group will be the protagonist.  There is another quesion how to modify some modules.  Some modules need not be modified,
some only be modified simply, others that we don't know what is it and how ought to be modified.

2008 September 5th Friday (九月 五日 金曜日)

   These days, I almost readed the Foundation every night.  Foundation, Foundation and Empire, The S...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年10月01日 15:14
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2008 September 19th Friday (九月 十九日 金曜日)

   Yesterday I finished the system report on the part of accumumlating.  Today I begin to modify my ...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年10月01日 15:18
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2008 September 12th Friday (九月 十二日 金曜日)

   I am ill, so I am so tired.  But I have to work day by day, though I need a good rest.  To do thi...
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  • 2008年10月01日 15:16
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October 26th Friday (十月 二十六日 金曜日)

The set_field_fore() and set_field_back() is used to set the foreground and background of a field.Th...
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  • 2007年11月30日 20:59
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June 26th Friday (六月 二十六日 金曜日)

I am going to cinema in order to watch Transformer II.  It called up my memory from my childship.
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  • 2009年06月26日 21:08
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September 28th Friday (九月 二十八日 金曜日

  The purpose of Apaches start-up phase is to read the configuration, load modules and libraries, an...
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  • 2007年10月14日 13:57
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September 7th Friday (九月 七日 金曜日)

  Today I read several novel about Isaac Asmoiv.  These short stories show the great authors smart. ...
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  • 2007年10月14日 13:30
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September 26th Wednesday (九月 二十六日 水曜日)

   Today I came back to company after finish injection.  However, the wind of air condition is so co...
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  • 2007年10月14日 13:47
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2008 December 26th Friday

 template   template syntax instead of thetemplatesyntax.  Templates As Parameters// tempparm.cpp --...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2009年01月02日 17:30
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2008 May 26th Monday (五月 二十六日 月曜日)

The desigin of SMS-Directory dual functionlity is still opaque.  The momimoto san did not tell us cl...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年06月28日 21:41
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