RAT Tricks (I)

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[mattr "spotLightShape1.intensity" $F]

This is a simple TCL express which cites the MAYA attr value.

And if you want to set slim image shader using mayaUV,you just can do this:

Setting the 'manifold' to 'mayaUV' and Using 'mayaUV''s TCL expressing like that

[st0 mayaTexcoordsysname]

[st1 mayaTexcoordsysname]

The 'mayaTexcoordsysname' is which you set name in Maya’s texCoordsysname.

note: you can using square map to equate  the hardware texture ,otherwise you'll get strage render result.

if you want using other camera like 'light view' you can do like follow:

A. create a mtor coordinate and parent with aim light (eg: a direction light) and using outline or hypergraph to set the coordinate's shape to a understandable name.
B. Set renderman global the set renderview using the name which you just renamed.

in the 'colorSpline' slim shader, you can  using 'ctrl + click' in the splinecolor  option to show another UI.

Using rman Projection Texture method you will use as follow:

a. Build a slim node with two node : projection and surfacePt(surface point) and make sure the projection's manifold is reference to the surfacePt node.
b.creat a mtor coordinate and named it.
c.using [coordsys nameCoordsys] in the surfacePt node's space blank to using the coordinate which you was creat in maya's view.
d.Build a slim shade using 'a' and attach it to object which you want texture to .
e.When you want to stick the texture in UV object,select that object and click Renderman-> Primivite Variables->_Pref freeze.You will creat a attribute in objectshape node's Extra Attributes named Rman_P Pref which is contain the information of object's texture placement in it so you can deform that object without any apprehension. It’s Cool isn't it?
f.By the way ,you must parent the coordinate with the object so you can move the object too.
g. If you thought the coordinate is bother you control the object, just set its attribute Object Display to invisibility.

This section is applied for section 2. if you want do some 'Repeat UV' or ' Rotate Frame' or ' Offset' or what else in the Attribute place2dTexture unit, you not only set the 'st' manifold as reference but also USING THE TEXTURE FILE NOT THE '.TEX' flie which  the texmake already convert form original format to the Pixar Tex format.so you can using the 'texture setting' to make it repeat.That's may a bug about slim cause  their are alot of slim shader not have equal option about 'repeat texture'.
And ,make sure set the Renderman->Attributes->Nurbs UV to 'Legacy' ,it was renderman default.seting as Maya UV may cause other problem like can't do some advance texture control.

In the map gen,the Camera name blank can be filled with "$OBJNAME",that will make slim to request map generator every object  which it's attach to.The 'near' and 'far' define the clipping planes about map gen.If make them value as 0,it's means 'using global setting'.

When you want do render as a alpha render,I mean make a 'hole' on the final image, don’t want some object be render and all behind it well be trough out, you can do as follow:

Create a ribbox and type
              Matte 1
in it . This is because "Matte" is a boolean variable which is do so.It's define in ri spac.

The Renderman shader which has been 'compiled' can also build a poor interface attach it using the same name as the 'slo' file, but using '.sli' as extend.eg: in same directory,there have two file 'a.slo' and 'a.sli' , the later will define the slim interface.

All RAT plugin such as 'MTORUltraFur' .etc can be compiled using M$ compiler. For example :in the devkit, type 'nmake'...Note: that like library using 'STLport' which was in the same directory. Learn form the source and enjoy yourself. But strangely can't be compier used M$ 7.1.(cause the STLport version doesn't mach?).

When you make a slim palette named "world", don't attach it to anything  in your scene. It will automated insert in Your scene's rib file where the "world block".Note : All the rib palette which begin with "world" will automated insert it.


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