Ambitious Raúl

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"We will give our very best to try to make the dream of winning the World Cup come true"

The captain of Real Madrid and of the Spanish squad asserted during a press conference that he's "really enjoying it," and that he's "anxious for the World Cup to start already." "I think I can help the national team," declared Raúl to Spanish press agency EFE, "and I will try to take advantage of all the minutes I have for the benefit of the team." Finally, the Real Madrid player spoke of the recent arrival of left fullback Pernía -replacing an injured Del Horno- and of the attacking midfielder position where the national Spanish skipper Luis Aragonés is placing him of late.

"It's the coach's decision. I am in great form and I am training at top level. The national manager decides what's best for every match, so if I start, I will try to take advantage of all the minutes that I get to play. What's important is not if Raúl plays or not, but how Spain performs; the team is paramount, not the individualities."

"I am happy here. I am enjoying every second, but I want the tournament to start already. As everyone else, I am hopeful that we will do something big. I am sure I can help the team. What I want is for people to enjoy our game during this World Cup. As the rest of my teammates, I will give my all to try to achieve the dream of winning a World Cup."

"I feel very comfortable playing in this position. I have played there suring most of my sporting career, with the freedom to drive the ball and with fast players ahead that will score goals. If I play there, I will try to do my best."

"Forwards have good and bad spells, but I am sure that as soon as I score my first the rest will fall like domino chips. Or maybe a teammate will score. I am not obsessing over this issue."

"It is not the first, and surely it won't be the last time that someone who was not born in Spain plays for the Spanish national side. Pernía has already joined the group. He's a great professional and he will adapt easily. He's part of the team, just like everyone else, and we will all help him in whatever he needs."

"When you play with Spain, there are no friendlies. The game is very important, to start practising our game and approach, and to improve many details that we already saw that could be improved during the last match."

"Hopefully, we will make the fans proud. It will be a full house, in our home country, and hopefully there will be no injuries. That is probably the most important thing at this point in time."

"We are not thinking that anything could go wrong tonight. We are working very well, but we are professionals so we are ready for everything, even criticism."



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