TIJ swot_JAVA的初学者(二)

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1.2 An object has an interface


Simula, simulationlanguage

Class is a collection of objects, which has similar characteristic and behaviour.

Class is the type of objects. (ADT-abstract data type)

In object-oriented program, we create new data type using the exsting data type specific to our needs. The programming system gives them all the care and type-checking that it gives to built-in types.

Any program is a simulation of the system. But objet-oriented approach is not limited to building simulations. The use of OOP techniques can easily reduce a large set of problem to a simple solution. How?

One of the challenges of object-oriented programming is to create one-to-one mapping between the lements in the problem space and objects in the solution space.

All the requests that is the functions of an object or a certain type of object/class are defined by its interface, and the type is what determins the interface.



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