File Structure

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File Types
Ordinary: Text or code data
a table of contents, that stores a list of files within that directory.
special files
Represent hardware or loqical devices.
eg.CD-ROM-Device is represented bt /dev/cd0

File Structure

/             rooot
./sbin        System utilities. sbin=system binary.
./dev         files represent devices
./etc         system configuration.

/usr          user? contain system programs.
/usr/bin      user's binary. cmd such as ls, cat.
/home         contain user login directories and files
/var          files dynamically change
/tmp          hold files that are temporarily needed or created by app and program.

/opt          optional. contain Linux command. such as gzip, tar.
/proc         supported with AIX 5L. pseudo file system processes and kernel data structures to corresponding files.


pwd: print working directory
ls: list
mkdir: make directory.
mkdir -m //special with a perticular set of permissions.
mkdir -p // create multiple directory.
rmdir: remove directory, & directory must be empty.
istat: display i-noe stat.
touch: update access & modification times, or create zero-length files.

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