POJ 3104 Drying

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It is very hard to wash and especially to dry clothes in winter. But Jane is a very smart girl. She is not afraid of this boring process. Jane has decided to use a radiator to make drying faster. But the radiator is small, so it can hold only one thing at a time.
Jane wants to perform drying in the minimal possible time. She asked you to write a program that will calculate the minimal time for a given set of clothes.
There are n clothes Jane has just washed. Each of them took ai water during washing. Every minute the amount of water contained in each thing decreases by one (of course, only if the thing is not completely dry yet). When amount of water contained becomes zero the cloth becomes dry and is ready to be packed.
Every minute Jane can select one thing to dry on the radiator. The radiator is very hot, so the amount of water in this thing decreases by k this minute (but not less than zero — if the thing contains less than k water, the resulting amount of water will be zero).
The task is to minimize the total time of drying by means of using the radiator effectively. The drying process ends when all the clothes are dry.



#include <cstdio>
#include <algorithm>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int a[100001];
int n,k;
inline bool test(int mid)
    int cnt=0;
    for (int i=1;i<=n;++i)
        if (a[i]>mid) 
            if (cnt>mid) return false;  
    return true;
int main()
    while (scanf("%d",&n)==1)
        for (int i=1;i<=n;++i) scanf("%d",&a[i]);
        if (k==1) {printf("%d\n",a[n]);continue;}
        int l=1,r=a[n];
        while (l<r)
            int mid=(l+r)/2;
            if (test(mid))r=mid;
            else l=mid+1;

POJ 3104 Drying (二分+精度)

题目链接:click here~~ 【题目大意】:  题意:有一些衣服,每件衣服有一定水量,有一个烘干机,每次可以烘一件衣服,每分钟可以烘掉k单位水。每件衣服没分钟可以自动蒸发掉一单位水, 用烘...
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Poj 3104 Drying

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来源:http://poj.org/problem?id=3104 题意:有一些衣服,每件衣服有一定水量,有一个烘干机,每次可以烘一件衣服,每分钟可以烘掉k滴水。每件衣服没分钟可以自动蒸发掉一滴水,...
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POJ 3104 Drying(二分)

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题目大意:Jane洗完了一些衣服,每件衣服有一定的数量,现在她有一台烘干机,烘干机每分钟可以烘干k数量的水,而风干每分钟只能蒸发1数量的水。求如何使用烘干机,使得这些衣服全部变干的时间最短。   ...
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POJ 3104 Drying (二分)

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POJ 3104 Drying

题目大意: 注释代码: 无注释代码: 单词解释: dry:adj, 干的; vt, 把...弄干 radiator:n, 暖气片,辐射体 minimal:adj, 最低的,最小限度的 maximal:...
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