Install the clients

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Install the clients

When following the instructions in this section, replace PROJECT with the lowercase name of the client to install, such as nova. Repeatfor each client. The following values are valid:


  • barbican - Key Manager Service API
  • ceilometer - Telemetry API
  • cinder - Block Storage API and extensions
  • glance - Image service API
  • gnocchi - Telemetry API v3
  • heat - Orchestration API
  • magnum - Containers service API
  • manila - Shared file systems API
  • mistral - Workflow service API
  • murano - Application catalog API
  • neutron - Networking API
  • nova - Compute API and extensions
  • sahara - Data Processing API
  • swift - Object Storage API
  • trove - Database service API
  • tuskar - Deployment service API
  • openstack - Common OpenStack client supporting multiple services

The following CLIs are deprecated in favor of openstack, the Common OpenStack client supporting multiple services:

  • keystone - Identity service API and extensions

Installing from packages

  • For Ubuntu or Debian, use apt-get to install the clients from thepackaged versions:

    # apt-get install python-PROJECTclient


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