the first wblog for seraphiw

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this is the first blog for me. this is just a test.

see C++ for the first(初识C++)


for(int& x:first)

本文转自: C++ 11 array Array 是一种大小固定的顺序容器。array 的申明: template class T, size_t N> class arra...

Depth First Traversal for a graph

Depth First Traversal (or Search) for a graph is similar to Depth First Traversal of a tree. The o...
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Google powers a data center directly with wind for the first time

For the first time Google has purchased wind power to directly power a data center in Oklahoma. Prev...

There is no getter for property named 'value' in 'class com.hl.myabtis.first.beas.User'

There is no getter for property named ‘value’ in ‘class com.hl.myabtis.first.beas.User’异常...

Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists(1) - First Shaders

一模型纹理加载工程结构如下二 UV动画三

[CTCI] 4.6 First Common Ancestor for Two Nodes On a Binary tree

问题: Design an algorithm and write code to find the first common ancestor of two nodes in a binary t...
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用于数据科学项目的公开数据库—19 Free Public Data Sets For Your First Data Science Project Completing your first...

first blog for C

1、指向常量的指针,防止通过指针去修改变量的值,而不管变量是否我const int x =3; const int *pc = &x; *pc = 888; printf("x=%d\n",x...

Asia9 Casino Bonus Free Credit For New Members(casino New Member, first Registered)

Asia9 Casino Bonus Free Credit For New Members Asia9 Casino Bonus, Attendance Bonus, casino New M...
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