Rerun DTE BI Env and Refresh Hudson Preflight Env

原创 2016年08月31日 16:25:10
Preflight Env is running on a fixed machine.
For 12c, there are 3 master branches, and each one has corresponding preflight env machines:
  • Main ( master: Hudson Link  ----- slc09ktm
  • master_12. Hudson Link <released> ----- slc08wzy
  • master_12. Hudson Link <dev>  ----- slc05pss
Rerun DTE BI Env: what we need to do is buid a BI env on the fixed Linux machine, then configure this machine onto Hudson. Before anyone submit code, should use this preflight env to check if the new code will lead bad results or not. 
So-called preflight env, rerun a pipeline cases job is enough, pipeline means the smallest scale cases for all BI products on one platform (Linux, Windows, sunos, hpux...).
  • Clean up
    • Go to the refered machine which is based on release.
    • $ /usr/local/packages/aime/ias/run_as_root reboot
    • $ cd /scratch/aime1
    • $ /usr/local/packages/aime/ias/run_as_root 'rm -rf work'
  • Setup
    • mkdir work
    • chmod 777 work
    • (csh) setenv AUTO_WORK /scratch/aime1/work
  • /usr/local/packages/aime/dte/DTE3/bin/proxyDaemon 33333
  • Rerun DTE job: 1, should find the job with the latest label in12c Pipeline Dashboard. 2, different release has different but fixed topology id (pipeline topology). 
    • Main topo_id: 90501, topo_id:88633, topo_id: 89847
    • In 12c Pipeline Dashboard page, will find the latest job id, rerun this job, but change the host to referred machine with port, like, Also change email notification to the desired recipient.
    • Hit submit to rerun job.
    Refresh Hudson Prefight Env: Once job completes, check if all services are up and running, including db, OPMN, check the tests run results.
    • Once the env went down, start all the process (if don't want env go down after installation, add -noshutdown in DTE command)
      • cd /scratch/aime1/work/mw<ID>/user_projects/domains/bidomain/bitools/bin
      • ./
    • Check the env installation right.
      • topo_common_properties file dir: /net/slc06pmv/scratch/aime1/work/view/stjia_dte4777/oracle/work/topo_common_properties_76187.txt
      • if installation is done through DTE rerun, json file will be located at $T_WORK (/net/slc06pmv/scratch/aime1/work/view/stjia_dte4777/oracle/work)
      • Check URLs before running any tests0: weblogic/welcome1
        • analytics:
        • bipublishier:
        • em: //
      • In Hudson, run MATS + master and UI + master to make sure the env is good
    • Check the tests run results (ignore the failures, mainly focus on if the services are normal).
      • cd /scratch/aime1/work/view/stjia_dte<viewID>/oracle/work
      • ls *dif
    • Open the corresponding Hudson job link.
      • Go to /configure/.
      • Configure the "testconfig_dir" parameter with updated view information for testconfig-ENTERPRISE.json file directory. Such as:
        • DTE Job ID - 29790217
        • Label - BIPLATFORM_12.
        • String Param - value - /net/slc08wzy/scratch/aime1/work/view/ararajag_dte4128/oracle/work/testconfig-ENTERPRISE.json.
        • Description - testconfig-ENTERPRISE.json and topo_common_property_83857.txt directory.
    At now, your preflight env has already setup, devs or QA can use your preflight env to submit a hudson job and run the test suites which they want, like mats, pipeline...

    command reference:
    1, Installation env but no cases
     ./run_one_job -u STJIA -topoid 77007 -p LINUX.X64 -v ucf_rh50_64 -s "%ADE_VIEW_ROOT%/biplatform/shiphome/bi_platform*linux64.bin" -l  BIPLATFORM_12.  ENV:JAVA_HOME="/ade_autofs/gd29_3rdparty/JDK8_MAIN_LINUX.X64.rdd/140821." -jobzone="UCF" -emailNotifyOption="none" COORDINATES="" ENV:FARMVIEW:MANIFEST="manifest.integration.prerelease:bi-manifest:" ENV:FARMVIEW:DISTRIBUTION_VERSION="" -noshutdown -nocheckshiphome  

    2, Run cases after install env
    ./run_one_job -u STJIA -topoid 77007 -p LINUX.X64 -v ucf_rh50_64 -s "%ADE_VIEW_ROOT%/biplatform/shiphome/bi_platform*linux64.bin" -l BIPLATFORM_MAIN_GENERIC_150505.0316.S ENV:JAVA_HOME="/ade_autofs/gd29_3rdparty/JDK8_MAIN_LINUX.X64.rdd/140821." JAVA_HOME="/ade_autofs/gd29_3rdparty/JDK8_MAIN_LINUX.X64.rdd/140821." GRADLE_TASK="downloadBiqaArtifactFiles testFunctionalEnterprise" -jobzone="UCF" -emailNotifyOption="none" COORDINATES="" ENV:FARMVIEW:MANIFEST="manifest.integration.prerelease:bi-manifest:" ENV:FARMVIEW:DISTRIBUTION_VERSION="" -noshutdown -nocheckshiphome



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