Playing ping-pong

原创 2004年10月12日 18:32:00

    XiaoYa and I went to XiLai Ping-pong Club today. We haven't been there for about a month.
    In summer holiday, owing to being in front of computer the whole day, I was exhausted. Remaining a single pose, I felt stiff in limbs, and worried whether I would suffer cervical vertebra trouble or not in future. Therefore, I was determined to take physical exericises to make a strong constitution.

     Another reason accounting for playing ping-pong is that I hardly played ping-pong before and wanted to learn it from the very beginning.
     Apart from these, there is a ping-pong club in QianWei Road, quite near the university, only about a five-minute walk. And the training fee is acceptable. The training day involves four nights in a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
     During the days followed, XiaoYa and I played ping-pong there. Mr. Fang, our coach, taught us actions and trained for each action. Naturally, I made rapid progress as I hankered to.

     When the summer holiday was over, I had to not only attend my graduate classes, but also give classes this term. At the beginning, I nearly couldn't adapt myself to such a busy life. As a result, though I deeply knew I should persevere in practice, I failed to insist.

      After National Day holiday, I have adjusted myself absolutely. Take the benefits of playing ping-pong into account, I set about continuing my ping-pong practice.

     After a month without practice, my actions become rusty to some extent. Just like English learning, ping-pong practice shouldn't be off and on,either .If you have an intermittent practice, your standard will hardly be enhanced, and you cannot make a breakthrough for ever.


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