YaMei Has Come Back from Abroad

原创 2004年10月19日 15:44:00
    Yesterday I was excited to learn that my classmate YaMei had graduated successfully and come back from the University of Kent in England, where she spent one year gaining her Master's degree. Different from courses in China, all postgraduate courses in England get together in one year. Naturally, studying abroad is based on money.

     Haven't seen each other for over a year, we had supper together yesterday night and chatted casually. She said she deeply felt that English we learned in China was divorced from English in Britain seriously. For example, though phrases like “as far as I am concerned”,“on one hand, ... on the other hand”are no grammar mistakes, they are obsolete and seldom used there. Using these phrases in your papers, you presumably are laughed at by foreigners. While in China, it is generally considered that they can bring color to articles, thus they are encouraged to use, especially in English composition.

      When it comes to the fog of London, She said that foggy London had already disappeared. London's atmosphere is fresh and clear now. London is an old city with culture inside information, and good public order or security. Expenses there relative to our country is high, especially when RenMinBi converts to pound, but making money is easier comparatively.

      In the past unforgettable year, she had seen various aspects of society and become mature. Whenever she met difficulties, the only thing she could do was to encourage herself to insist on and the only person she could relay on was herself. To her satisfication, England is a country with fair, without many irresponsible factors.   

      She will go to ShangHai to find her job several days later. Undoubtedly, a satisfied job is waiting for her, because the master's degree of University of Kent and fluent English afford some guarantee.


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