Nevron NET Vision 2008 Q2 For VS2008

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Nevron .NET Vision is the ultimate suite for creating unique and powerful data presentation applications with spectacular data visualization capabilities. Flexible and extensible, it delivers powerful Charting, Diagramming and User Interface components for Windows Forms and ASP.NET with rich functionality and exceptional features, bringing significant technological advantage to your applications. The carefully designed object model and unmatched "out-of-the-box" presentation quality make Nevron .NET Vision an award-winning component suite.

Nevron .NET Vision includes several components that will help you to create outstanding data presentation applications for Windows Forms and ASP.NET.

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Nevron User Interface for .NET is the only suite on the market with such remarkable render quality and speed. Explore a rich and powerful docking library, professional and extensible command bars and unique features like skinnable forms, rich-text labels, modern fill effects (glass, gel), designed to bring to your .NET applications the latest GUI standards and technologies. The suite introduces lots of modern custom controls such as MS Outlook 2003 Navigation Pane, Windows XP Explorer Bar and a complete set of extended Windows Forms controls, making it easy to create a distinguished, stylish and modern end-user presentation layer.

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Nevron Diagram for .NET helps you to integrate and display sophisticated diagrams in your .NET Windows Forms and Web Forms applications quickly and easily.

It is a complete diagramming solution, packed with many interactivity features, shapes, automatic layouts, stunning visual effects and comes equipped with ready to use controls to help you boost your application development.

Carefully crafted to meet different requirements, it provides unmatched extensibility options, which will help you to integrate the solution better into the context of your particular application.

Nevron Diagram for .NET includes both Windows Forms and ASP.NET components, and has full support for VS2005 and VS2008. It is available in two different editions - Professional and Enterprise - to meet your specific requirements.

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Nevron Chart for .NET has been designed from the ground up to be extensible, efficient and feature rich. This allows it to wrap a vast amount of features in an intuitive and straightforward programming model. The component can display virtually any 2D or 3D chart including: Bar, Line, Step Line, Area, Pie, Point, Bubble, Stock, Floating Bar, Radar, Polar, High Low, Mesh Surface, Grid Surface, Shape, Smooth Line, Float Bar, Venn and Error with many variations (like Scatter XY and XYZ Line, Stacked Bars etc.).

Other charting features include scrollable axes, integrated legend, chart annotations, watermarks and a very extensible chart layout manager.

The component features full Visual Studio design time support with many advanced features like style editors, allowing you to quickly modify the chart only using its visual interface.

The control also includes a custom toolbar and integrated data grid components that can come handy in advanced charting applications requiring high degrees of interactivity features.

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