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Type:    .NET Framework Class Library

Usage:  System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteConnection


Data Source=filename;Version=3;

Version 2 is not supported by this class library.

 Using UTF16

Data Source=filename;Version=3;UseUTF16Encoding=True;

 With password

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Password=myPassword;

 Using the pre 3.3x database format

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Legacy Format=True;

 With connection pooling

Connection pooling is not enabled by default. Use the following parameters to control the connection pooling mechanism.

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Pooling=False;Max Pool Size=100;

 Read only connection

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Read Only=True;


Using DateTime.Ticks as datetime format

Data Source=filename;Version=3;DateTimeFormat=Ticks;

The default value is ISO8601 which activates the use of the ISO8601 datetime format


Store GUID as text

Normally, GUIDs are stored in a binary format. Use this connection string to store GUIDs as text.

Data Source=filename;Version=3;BinaryGUID=False;

Note that storing GUIDs as text uses more space in the database.


Specify cache size

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Cache Size=2000;

The Cache Size value measured in bytes


Specify page size

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Page Size=1024;

The Page Size value measured in bytes


Disable enlistment in distributed transactions

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Enlist=N;


 Disable enlistment in distributed transactions

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Enlist=N;


Disable create database behaviour

If the database file doesn't exist, the default behaviour is to create a new file. Use the following parameter to raise an error instead of creating a new database file.

Data Source=filename;Version=3;FailIfMissing=True;

  Limit the size of database

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Max Page Count=5000;

The Max Page Count is measured in pages. This parameter limits the maximum number of pages of the database.


Disable the Journal File

This one disables the rollback journal entirely.

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Journal Mode=Off;


Persist the Journal File

This one blanks and leaves the journal file on disk after a commit. Default behaviour is to delete the Journal File after each commit.

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Journal Mode=Persist;


 Controling file flushing

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Synchronous=Full;

Full specifies a full flush to take action after each write. Normal is the default value. Off means that the underlying OS flushes I/O's.

2.Finisar.SQLite ADO.NET Data Provider


Data Source=mydb.db;Version=3;

The "Version" key can take value "2" for SQLite 2.x (default) or value "3" for SQLite 3.x

 Create a new database

Data Source=mydb.db;Version=3;New=True;

  Using compression

Data Source=mydb.db;Version=3;Compress=True;

 Specifying Cache Size

The Cache Size value represents the amount of data pages that are held in memory. Try increase this value for speed improvements but don't forget to keep track of the applications memory usage.

Data Source=mydb.db;Version=3;Cache Size=3000;


3.SQLite3 ODBC Driver


DRIVER=SQLite3 ODBC Driver;Database=mydb.db;LongNames=0;Timeout=1000;NoTXN=0;SyncPragma=NORMAL;StepAPI=0;


.NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC

Bridging to SQLite3 ODBC Driver

This is just one connection string sample for the wrapping OdbcConnection class that calls the underlying ODBC Driver. See respective ODBC driver for more connection strings to use with this class.

DRIVER=SQLite3 ODBC Driver;Database=mydb.db;LongNames=0;Timeout=1000;NoTXN=0;SyncPragma=NORMAL;StepAPI=0;


        经过一段时间的调试,C/S架构的ODBC 驱动程序终于调试成功。现在,在Windows上可以使用该驱动连接Linux或windows上的sqlite server。在linux上也可以...
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