I am really tired

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               Things about feelings are hard to deal with, after first attempt to love I don't believe any more.

          It likes affection from the oringnal animal essetial, once you droped in hard to get off, It make you are the happiest guy in this world also just wanna end your poor life. The only drag to treat this "ill" is time, time can brush eveythings include your hurted heart.

  Some guys say love is what makes them exist and love is the most chrish thing , I can understand why cause I had experience myself. It's a long story,  when I was in my  senior middle school on grade three a cute girl run into my world I fell in her "web" but lost myself , But the happiness didn't last long when the enthusiam got cool down the problem between us came out , finally we got parted but I am not regret , I gave out my true love there was no sorry and I will never forget her all my life.




nefu 84 五指山 扩展欧几里得 I really want to see the "Making havoc in Heaven"

五指山 Time Limit 1000ms Memory Limit 65536K description 西游记中孙吾空大闹天宫,如来佛祖前来降伏他...

Visual Studio使用小技巧4 – Where am I(在Solution Explorer中显示当前文档)

今天的文章不长,但愿别被管理员踢出首页:)   “给我看看你的Visual Studio.” “给,看啥?” “我在熟悉项目的代码,但是每当我用Go to definition 几次的话,就不...

UVA 11419 SAM I AM(最小点覆盖)


Here I am,it‘s a new start

开博第一篇,总要写的什么,就像写书要有一个序言,博客呢,是不是第一篇也好随便啰嗦下,讲述下动机,什么的。 我呢,是一个平凡的IT从业者,自然也无法免俗,其他的表达方式不擅长,就写下来吧。说的有点老套...

linux 性能监控命令——w,who,whoami,whois ,who am i

whois    功能说明:查找并显示用户信息。    语  法:whois [帐号名称]    补充说明:whois指令会去查找并显示指定帐号的用户相关信息,因为它是到Networ...

uva11419 SAM I AM

这题值得一做,,,路径的打印值得一学。 // #pragma comment(linker, "/STACK:1024000000,1024000000") /* 这题是最小点覆盖问题,然后确定炮弹放...

Unpackme I am Famous

http://blog.w4kfu.com/tag/unpackme Unpackme I am Famous safedisc reverse nanomites unpackme ...

I am back


面试题------字符串翻转I am a student

题目描述:编写函数,输入一个英文的句子,翻转句子中单词的顺序。要求单词内字符的顺序不变,单词间空格符数量不变。 例如:"I am a student."反转成"student. a am I"。 ...

面试经典题目:字符串翻转I am a student

题目:写一个函数,将字符串翻转,翻转方式如下:“I am a student”反转成“student a am I”,不借助任何库函数 ,要求单词内字符的顺序不变,句子中单词以空格符隔开。 思路:先反...
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