I am really tired

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               Things about feelings are hard to deal with, after first attempt to love I don't believe any more.

          It likes affection from the oringnal animal essetial, once you droped in hard to get off, It make you are the happiest guy in this world also just wanna end your poor life. The only drag to treat this "ill" is time, time can brush eveythings include your hurted heart.

  Some guys say love is what makes them exist and love is the most chrish thing , I can understand why cause I had experience myself. It's a long story,  when I was in my  senior middle school on grade three a cute girl run into my world I fell in her "web" but lost myself , But the happiness didn't last long when the enthusiam got cool down the problem between us came out , finally we got parted but I am not regret , I gave out my true love there was no sorry and I will never forget her all my life.



nefu 84 五指山 扩展欧几里得 I really want to see the "Making havoc in Heaven"

五指山 Time Limit 1000ms Memory Limit 65536K description 西游记中孙吾空大闹天宫,如来佛祖前来降伏他...

where am I

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面试题------字符串翻转I am a student

题目描述:编写函数,输入一个英文的句子,翻转句子中单词的顺序。要求单词内字符的顺序不变,单词间空格符数量不变。 例如:"I am a student."反转成"student. a am I"。 ...

面试经典题目:字符串翻转I am a student

题目:写一个函数,将字符串翻转,翻转方式如下:“I am a student”反转成“student a am I”,不借助任何库函数 ,要求单词内字符的顺序不变,句子中单词以空格符隔开。 思路:先反...
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反转字符串I am a student

//写一个函数,将字符串翻转,翻转方式如下:“I am a student”反转成“student a am I”,不借助任何库函数。 方法是先反转整个字符串,然后再反转字串。譬如先将“I ...
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Linux I2C设备驱动编写(三)-实例分析AM3359

TI-AM3359 I2C适配器实例分析 I2C Spec简述 特性: 兼容飞利浦I2C 2.1版本规格支持标准模式(100K bits/s)和快速模式(400K bits/s)多路接收、发...
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给定字符串(ASCII码0-255)数组,请在不开辟额外空间的情况下删除开始和结尾处的空格,并将中间的多个连续的空格合并成一个。例如:" i am a little boy.

import java.util.Scanner;public class Test { public static void main(String[] args){ Sca...



Why why why why why am i a developer?

以下摘自:http://sd.csdn.net/a/20110714/301654.html导读:本文是从《 Why why why why why are you a developer? 》这篇文...

麦蒂再次宣言I am back 透露3年恢复后已重回巅峰

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