I like small font..

原创 2006年05月31日 16:49:00

I like my weblog to be displayed in small font.

I like coffee.

I like to sit in a coffee shop in the late afternoon, typing on the laptop while watching the sunset through the west window.

I like to spend the whole afternoon, sitting on the lawn out of my mind.

I like to work till mid-night.

I like to make a lot of new friends.

I like to play poker with the gang.

I like to travel with my honey and view all the nice scenery.

I like all kinds of weather,
                         during rainy days, l like to write code in my small apartment and lit a light with a cup of coffee while hearding the rain drops knocking my window.
                         during shiny days, I like to take a walk before dawn.

I like to be alone, which I can take the quiet moment to think.

I like music with strong rythm, by which I can dream myself to be the drummer.

I like the movie "The Weather Man" .


 1. 活该! serves you(him,her) right! = you deserve (he/she deserves)it.e.g You failed the test? Serves...
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SSL P2822 I Will Like Matrix!

题目大意:在一个 n ∗ m 的矩阵 A 的所有位置中分别填入 0 或 1,要求填入的数必须满足 Ai,j ≤ Ai,j+1 且 A i,j ≤ A i+1,j 。询问一共有多少种不同的矩阵,并将...
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2006-06-19 13:22:14 说故我在-跟老友记练口语寄托考试站 [http://exam.gter.net/] 2005-06-05 16:09 PM 指向大海...
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I Like Matrix!

题目大意有一个n*m矩形,初始全零 有以下几种操作: 1、将一个位置取反(xor 1) 2、将一行取反 3、将一列取反 4、变成第k次操作后的状态操作树先来思考第四种操作,这看起来需要我们可...
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I like like you

I like like you I love seems like you I love seems like you I love seems like you I love see...
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UVA10090 Marbles【扩展欧几里得算法】

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2017 CCPC 秦皇岛 & ZOJ 3987 - Numbers (贪心+大数)

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英语歌曲:I Love You -Stewart Mac

there was once a broken man 曾经有个心碎的男人 who walked a lonely road 孤独得走在路上 and gave up all his dream放弃...
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过程看完题之后,因为第一题很眼熟很快推出了容斥。 第二题怎么都不会操作,第4个因为见过类似套路所以想到了操作树的做法,但是前三个不太会维护。只能想到暴力。 第三题50分很好做,100分不太会,也没...
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