I like small font..

原创 2006年05月31日 16:49:00

I like my weblog to be displayed in small font.

I like coffee.

I like to sit in a coffee shop in the late afternoon, typing on the laptop while watching the sunset through the west window.

I like to spend the whole afternoon, sitting on the lawn out of my mind.

I like to work till mid-night.

I like to make a lot of new friends.

I like to play poker with the gang.

I like to travel with my honey and view all the nice scenery.

I like all kinds of weather,
                         during rainy days, l like to write code in my small apartment and lit a light with a cup of coffee while hearding the rain drops knocking my window.
                         during shiny days, I like to take a walk before dawn.

I like to be alone, which I can take the quiet moment to think.

I like music with strong rythm, by which I can dream myself to be the drummer.

I like the movie "The Weather Man" .


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This is a small Project I made for makeing banners for your

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