It's a cloudy Monday

原创 2006年06月05日 18:46:00

It's been a cloudy monday. I skipped lunch for that i was busy preparing to send out an survey through email to all my collegues in Zizhu. This makes me feel so weak now. i'm feeling dizzy. Tomorrow there will be a bunch of meetings mainly dealing with the new Zizhu website. I'm figuring out a nice project out of the work that i've done at the company. I'll put it into my imbo and try to implement it in the coming summer vocation.

A guy at work sets me up with one of his friend. We will meet after work some day this week, to see if I can help them set up a website for his bar. (This is gonna bring in cash flow.) So i need to build up a real good demo stuff to show case my Lynx Studio.

Today is spoiled by company stuff and i haven't done anything on my term paper. I'll set out and finish it tonight. (At least 0.5 course)

OOhh, i went to exercise last night at the playground, i ran for like 1200m last night. It feels so good when i first stepped on to the track and started running. But after I ran for like 400m i started to feel my leg heavy.

I'll stay in the lab tomorrow morning. And go back to office in the afternoon, for there is a 1:1 with Sam @13:00 and an conference with lynn from CPG around 16:00

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