Heading Home

原创 2006年06月08日 16:56:00

It's been rainy and cloudy for the last few days. We only had sun shine on Tuesday.
It's really a miracle that it's not rainning now, for each and every thursday for the past month rains.

I'm heading home now after staying in the lab for more than 8 hours. It's been a fruitful day compared to those days spent at home. So good thing to stay at the lab for the summer. Get back to the computer screen and get back to those guys in the lab.

Found it really unwise to have 2 usernames under the same system, for each and every time when you try to log on and you found that the system will remember you in the other username in the cookie of your client computer. So you have to log off and sign in again using the other username.

Still a bunch of real work to do this weekend. Since my gf will be working on this weekend because of the SOC. I will have a chance to go to SHM to work for extra hours.

OKie. TIme to call it a day at school and work. I'm going now, if possible(get up early in the morning), i will come back to lab tomorrow morning.

heading pitch bank

天行健 君子当自强而不息 3D中的方位和角位移(2)   另一种描述方位的常用方法是欧拉角,这项技术以著名的数学家Leonhard Euler(1707 - 1783)的名字...
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一般来说yall、pitch、roll对应heading、pitch、roll, 详细的说明请参考该链接点击打开链接...
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  • xiaotian602574436
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itext添加标题(heading) 标题即是在文档在大纲里的目录分级。 itext 2.7之后才有了该功能。 具体实现方式如下: FONT_PROJECT = R...
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一个月轻松网上挣$50-$1500  Word中如何创建自动编号的标题?1.  为了创建自动编号的标题,风格统一的标题,首先要创建自己的Format Style。2.  从下拉菜单中打开Styles...
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HTML heading

1. heading 共有6种,......,......,......,......,......,...... 2. 创建分割线 eg. This is a paragraph. ...
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heading标签从h1到h6,一共6个等级的标签,原始字体大小逐级变小。 注意: 1、此处的标题不同于head里的title标签,title指的是网页的标题,h1到h6指的是内容的标题。 2、...
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iOS 定位 location heading beacon 初步定位

iOS 8 之后定位需要加字段在info.plst里面,NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription  一直定位、NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescripti...
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草稿小样 水平标题: 日期 爱好 天气 2017.12.26 看书 晴朗 垂直标题: 日期 2017.12.26 爱好...
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1、使用关键字,但要把握分寸   关键字是指描述主要内容的词语。有策略地在页面中安放关键字是很重要的,例如在URL、标题标签(title tag)以及主要的抬头标签(heading tag)中。...
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Swift桥接OC Objective-OC Bridging Header

自己动手创建桥接文件的方法: 第一步:创建Header File.h文件,如图所示:第二步:点击下一步命名Swift-OC,然后点击create第三步:搜索bridg,显示如图所示:第四步:把Swi...
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