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 To get the better/best of you  打败,胜过
 To get the most/utmost out of    有效地使用或利用
 Overall trend 
Compactly- built     a man of medium build 
Level off, remain stable, stay constant
Plateau  fluctuate
The outlay on cars are doubled 
Know sth inside out
Multifaceted character 
Win over/triumph over/ get over / overcome

Be able to do     be capable of  
be qualified to do/for 
be eligible to do/for (合格,有资格)
Be up to sth   
live up to our parents (无愧于), 
fall short of  specifications (没达到规格)
be equal to sth
be competent for sth/ to do sth 

2. Be absent from the class     absentee
be present at the meeting    attendee
be absent-minded in class 
be absorbed in全神贯注于…  
be concentrated on, be focused on ,
be centered on, be occupied with/in sth
be lost in 
be addicted to    addict    addiction
abandon oneself to 
be hooked on …
to indulge oneself in drinking and gambling   indulgence 放纵

3. Take… into account=take… into consideration 把…考虑在内
She gave an account of what he saw in China.   Account for /make up     take up/occupy
 on one’s own account  为了某人的缘故, 为了某人自己的利益
on account of 因为; 
on no account不论什么原因也不;

4.  to assimilate sth
To spare no efforts to do
To spare no pains to do
To take pains to do
To do whatever we can to 
To do sth to the best of one’s ability
To work hard at sth
To be committed to …

5. to some extent/degree
To a large extent/degree

6. confirm, confirmation 
To conform to 
Be consistent with …

7. Achieve/attain 获得,达到  achievement/ attainment 

8. accuse sb of sth = charge sb with sth 
指责… 做了…;指控… 犯了…
charge sb for sth 
deprive sb. of  sth. 剥夺某人某物 
rob sb of sth    
Strip sb of sth      Starve sb of sth
inform sb of sth   
warn sb of sth    
convict sb of sth  判罪
convince sb of sth
suspect sb of sth
be suspicious of …
be tolerant to/of/with sb
be disappointed by/about/in sth    with sb

8. Adapt=adjust to 适应 ~ adopt 收养;采用
   Adaptability   adjustment    adopter/tee
  Stepmother   biological/natual mother 

9. Take advantage of = make use of 利用   put sth to better use    
Take advantage of sb. 利用或欺骗某人
 have an advantage/edge over 胜过   
Rich has an advantage over others in working experience 
have the advantage of 由于…处于有利条件    be of advantage to sb./sth.  对…有利
be of benefit to
be of help…
be of convenience to …

10. enough   sufficient  adequate   
Ample sunshine and rainfall is bringing a good harvest of crops.     
Hospitality   hospitable 

11. to attach importance to 
   To give added weight to 
   To pay attention to 
   To value/cherish/treasue/

12: to weigh/measure sth and sth else

12: to be on good terms with sb

9. act on 奉行,按照…行动; 
act as 扮演;   act  for 代理    act up 
The engine began to act up and he thought he would have to hit the silk. 

10.  at one’s wit’s end 智穷计尽    
 to grade our test papers  

17. Admit/admit to承认   admit of no delay 刻不容缓   permit of 容许 (否定句)

18. In advance 预先,提前 ahead of time/ahead of schedule     we will finish the class five minutes ahead.
   Pay ahead.  Go ahead. You should inform(通知) me in advance if you are going to come.

19. Take advantage of = make use of 利用   put sth to better use    Take advantage of sb. 利用或欺骗某人
 to advantage 有利的,使优点更加突出地. have an advantage over 胜过.
have the advantage of 由于…处于有利条件    be of advantage to sb./sth.  对…有利

20. Affect (v.) effect (n.) influence (v & n) 影响 effort 努力
have an effect/influence on对…有影响  make an effort to do或 make efforts to do
The latest discovery in gene will have a great effect on the health of human beings.
They made great efforts to find a new cure for lung cancer .

21. Afford (to do) sth 买/花/用/支付得起
It’s hard to imagine how he can afford (to buy) a house on his small salary.
go into effect 生效   come into effect;   take effect 开始生效   take office/leave office   
step down

22. be acquainted with(=to have knowledge of) 了解; 熟悉

23. act on 奉行,按照…行动; act as 扮演;   act  for 代理

23. At the age of  20      people of my age 同龄人   when I was your age, …

24. Agree with 同意  agree on 同意 (双方就…达成一致)agree to 同意 (上级,父母对下级,晚辈允许…)
The two countries have agreed on the date for the next talk. My parents don’t agree to my staying outside overnight.   26. By air=by plane  by sea= by ship   by bus/train/subway  on foot

27. After all 毕竟 above all 首先 (not…) at all 一点(也不) all over 全身,到处

29. in spite of/despite介词     regardless of 
Young as he is, he has already learned three foreign languages: English, French and Japanese.
In spite of/despite his illness, he went on with his experiment.

30. Be angry with sb, be angry at sth; be angry over tiny problems

31. Apart from=besides除了….之外,还有….    =except除了…
No one knows what happened except mr. Smith.   He has a large collection of books besides CDs.

32. Apply ( ~ for 申请 ) to sb/body    apply to应用
He has successfully applied for a position(职位) in the company.

34. Approve 赞成, 批准   approve of   35. Argue with sb 与…争论  argue against

36. Arise ~ from    rise   arouse    raise  
New problems will arise as the old ones have been solved.(出现)
Are there any things arising from last meeting? (源于)
His speech aroused little interest among the students.(引起,激起)
The company has raised the prices of its products.(提高)
The prices of goods rose day by day during the Spring Festival.(上升)

37.Artificial 人工的,假的 ~ flowers  fake    false   funny money  counterfeit coin/trade mark

38. As for 至于 as to 关于,至于  concerning/regarding/with regard to 

39. Ask for 要求    as of 1991 

40. Attach importance to 重视  Pay attention to重视 catch one’s attention 引起…注意/重视

42. Available 可得/买到的   There is no ticket available.

43. Average 平均 on( the ) ~ 

44. Be aware of = realize 意识到 be sure 一定要,肯定
He apologized to us for the mistake as soon as he was aware of it.

45. Back up 支持    His article is based on the research.

48. Bear 忍受,容忍 同义词: endure tolerate stand put up with
She cannot bear to see the child in pains.

49. Do/try one’s best/spare no efforts to do/be committed to doing/be devoted to doing / work hard on sth  致力于    53. Beyond 超出… 
The professor’s lecture is beyond me/beyond my understanding (超出我的理解范围).
The apple on the tree is beyond my reach(够不着)。

55. Be bound to do 注定…   You’re bound to succeed as long as(只要)you keep on trying.

56. Break into闯入 break out 爆发 break through 突破break up (关系等)破裂  break down 抛锚, 垮掉

57. Catch/hold one’s breath 

58. Call off=cancel 取消 call on=visit 拜访 call for 请求,号召   call on sb/call at a place
The resident called for the people to fight against the invaders.

59. Care for/about 关心, 在乎 take care 保重 take care of=look after 照顾  attend to 

60. Carry on 继续 carry out 实施,执行  61. Case 事实,实情;箱子;案例;病例
in case (of) 以防,万一 Take my umbrella in case it rains;. Such is the case.倒装
In most cases 在大多数情况下  In no case 决不 in no way/ by no means 

62. Catch up with 赶上,保持一致 keep up with      keep pace with 保持同步

63. (be) in charge of 掌管,负责  take charge of 掌管, 负责 charge… for… 开价,要价
The short man there is in charge of our company.
The hotel charges $100 for a double room.

65. Change 零钱(n.),换零钱(v.)  67. Have … in common 有共同之处

69. Compare … to… 把… 比作….   compare … with … 把… 与… 相比
Poets like comparing their lovers to red roses.
Compared with the brain, computers still have some shortcomings.
in comparison with, by comparison ,  beyond comparison, in contrast with 

70. Complain of/about 抱怨

72. Concentrate on 集中注意力于 be engaged in 从事于  

74. Contribute 捐献 contribute to 有助于  devote to   donate blood to 

75. Control    out of control 失去控制 under ~ 在控制之下

77. Convince 使相信/信服 convince… of…    convince sb to do   convincing/
 I’m convinced(=I believe) that where there is a will, there is a way.
He was not convinced of his wife’s guilty. 78. Cope with/ deal with/ handle 处理,应付

79. At the cost of 以…为代价 He saved the drown child at the cost of his own life.
at the risk of 冒着…危险…

80. Count on/ depend on/ rely on/lean on 依靠,依赖

82. Custom 习俗 customs 海关,关税      83. Damage 损坏(部分)  damages  赔偿金 
 destroy 毁灭(全部) hurt 伤害    injure 受伤 ruin 摧毁 spoil 破坏(心情,兴致等)
Our holiday was spoiled by the bad weather.   The earthquake has destroyed the city entirely.

84. A good/great deal 许多,大量   85. Degree 学位 程度=extent    to some extent/degree 在某种程度上

87. Deny 否认,拒绝(给予)   He denied breaking the window.  Defy 挑战
Women were denied the right to vote in the past in the U.S.

90. Do away with 废除 get rid of 摆脱 除掉     have … to do with 与… 有关
It has nothing to do with what you are talking about.     Do away with the law.
He managed to get rid of the man who followed him.

91. Drop in=drop by=visit  92. Due 到期的 The book will be due next week.(按计划,安排要)发生,到达What time will the next bus due?     The next meeting is due to be held in three months’ time.
due to =because of=owing to 因为,由于
His promotion is due to his hard working.  Due to the heavy rain, we have to give up the plan for the weekends.

93. Economic 经济的 economical 节俭的  94. Effective 有效的 efficient 效率高的   

96. In the end 最终(结果) at last 最后(经过很长时间)
I have finished the essay at last.  We were thinking of going to England, but in the end we went to the USA.

98. Establish=set up=found   99. Evident=obvious=apparent 明显的 显而易见的  it’s self-evident that…

101. Be exhausted=be tired out =be worn out 筋疲力尽的

103. Expose 暴露 受影响Being exposed to the sun for some time can do good to your health.
Many of today’s teenagers have been exposed too much to violence and sex.

104. Face up to (勇敢)面对 be faced with 面临 encounter 面临 confront 

107. By far 非常,最(修饰比较级和最高级) so far 迄今为止(完成时态)far from 远非(否定)
In my opinion, he is by far the most suitable one for the job.
He sent out a letter to apply for the job, but has received no answer so far. My English is far from perfect.  

108. Fare 交通费 fee 费用 tuition 学费  expenses   spending支出   charge 

109. Favor     do sb a favor 帮… 个忙 in favor of 赞成 I’m in favor of his suggestion that a power plant(电厂)be built.  Would you do me a favor to carry the box upstairs?

110. Feel like doing sth    would like to do sth 喜欢/想做….112. Fill in/out 填写 be filled with 充满  

113. Fine 罚款  114. Fire 解雇 catch fire 着火 set fire to 点火 

115. Focus… on…使集中,以…为中心  concentrate on/centre on     get focus on

116. Be fond of =like 喜欢    be keen on /long for / long to do/ be keen to do

117.Look forward to 盼望 We are looking forward to your coming.
in general/ in short/ in a word /on the whole 总的说来 

120. Get on/get off 上/下车(船…) get on/ along with 和…相处  be on good/bad terms with 
In the long/short term/run

121. Give in屈服,让步 give up 放弃 give off发出  give away 泄露,把…送人, give out 发表,发出
The gas given off by automobiles is harmful to people’s health. Don’t give up until you succeed.
He gave in finally under the pressure.   Yield to/surrender  屈服  be subject to 服从
Be subjected to 遭受   suffer /suffer from
go on a diet节食 go over 复习   get over 恢复 克服

123. Grant    take… for granted 对…想当然,对…习以为常
We usually take it for granted that the government should work for the welfare (福利) of the people.

124. Grow up 成长 grown-up 成年人

125. Hand in/turn in 上交    hand in hand    on one hand 一方面on the other hand 另一方面

127. Do good to…对…有益 do harm to…对…有害

128. Learn by heart 记住 lose heart 失去信心  make up one’s mind to do/ about sb.

130. hold back 控制住(感情等) hold up 阻止,妨碍 

131. In a hurry    in no hurry  in haste 

134. Intend to do 想要做   135. Involve.. In..介入,卷入  I don’t want to be involved in their quarrel.

136. Key/answer to a question solution to a problem (解决问题的)办法

137. Late   latest 最新的,最近的 later …以后 latter 后者   lately
the latest news two years later=after two years

138. Lay 放 置 laid   laid   lie 躺 lay lain   说谎 lied lied

139. Leave 把… 忘在… leave out 漏掉   leave behind   leave sb alone   leave off/stop  140. In light/view of 鉴于,由于

141. Likely 可能的  probably   possible    chances are slim/more
It is likely that computer will come into every family in China in the near future.

142. Live on 靠… 生活 earn one’s living 谋生   143. Be located in =be situated in 位于

144. As long as 只要 before long 不久 long before 很久以前   no longer 不再 long for 渴望
He is longing for the day he could go to the USA. You are bound to succeed as long as you keep trying.

145. Look after=take care of look down upon/on 看不起,look for 寻找
look into 调查 look up 查(字典) 146.Be made up of=be composed of= comprise =consist of 由…组成
make for 朝… 走去  147.Manage to do 设法做了… try to do 设法去做… try doing 试着做..

148. Manner 方式,方法 in the way   with the method    by the means
manners 礼貌   in manner of 以… 方式  Many a student in our class has seen the film more than three times.

150. No matter how/ what/where/when/ who… 无论如何/什么/哪/何时/谁

151. Take measures/steps/pains to do 采取措施…152. Keep/bear…in mind=remember make up one’s mind 决定   153. Mistake   by mistake 错误地 mistake….for… 把… 误当成….
I often mistake him for his twin brother.

154. Moment    the moment/minute 一…就… at the moment He said he would inform me the moment he arrived Beijing.   155. More or less 或多或少
156. Mood 心情   be in the mood to do    I’m in no mood to read.   157. Mutual 相互的,共同  mutual benefits  互利
Be at one’s best / be in one’s best state     Do sth with one’s whole being  全身心投入干某事
Make/leave an impression on sb      form an impression of/about sb   Be impressed with sb/sth     impress sb with sth/ impress sth on sb.  be ashamed of (=feel shame, guilt or sorrow because of  sth. done) 以…为羞耻
 assure sb. of sth. (=try to cause to believe or trust in sth.) 向…保证, 使…确信.
 attach(to) (=to fix, fasten; join) 缚, 系 ,结   make an attempt at doing sth. (to do sth.) 试图做…
attend on(upon)(=wait upon, serve, look after) 侍候,照料  attitude to/ toward …对…的态度.看法
 attribute…to…(=to believe sth. to be the result of…)把..归因于.., 认为..是..的结果
 owe sth to …       boil down to 归结为   comment on 评论  commit oneself to 使自己承担… 
commit sb. to prison把某人送进监狱;  commit 4-5 hours to English a day   利用
hang up/ out with sb/ about/ on/ onto sth/ hang around 
hold back/down/ on/up(delay)/get(catch hold of )
coupled with/together with/ along with
with time going on/ passing by/elapsing    over time,  as time goes on
6. add to / add up to 加上/ 总计达  amount to 
 eg. The number of the patients added up to three hundred last week. / 上星期,病人人数达到了三百人。
10. aim at doing sth 下定目标做某事
  eg. Aiming at winning the game, he practiced hard every day. / 为赢得比赛,他每天努力练习。

11. allow / permit / forbid doing sth 允许/ 允许/ 禁止做某事
advise doing/sb to do, recommend, forbid
. allow / permit/ forbid sb to do sth 允许/ 允许/ 禁止某人做某事
   Allow for/permit of / admit of         prohibit  from  

13. apologize to sb for sth 因某事向某人道歉  criticized sb for sth     congratulate sb on sth 
Blame sb for sth 
14. take sth/hold in one's arms 抱着……    embrace     
15. arrive at/reach/come/draw a conclusion 得出结论
16. put sb to shame 使某人相形见绌       to make spectacle of oneself
  eg. His courage put all the other students to shame. / 他的勇气令其他学生都感到惭愧不如。
17. be astonished/startled/stunned/shocked at sth 因某事感到震惊
18. make the bed 铺床  make up a bed 整理床  make up one’s face,  make up a sentence,  the couple have made up.   Make up for sth   make up to sb 讨好某人 
    Be to let / let go / let alone
20. break down / break up / break out / break into /break through坏了/ 驱散/ 爆发/ 破门而入    collapse 
21. hold one's breath / out of breath 摒住呼吸/ 上气不接下气  
22. bring about / bring up 引起,使发生/ 抚养长大
23. burst into tears / laughter/song 突然大哭/ 大笑
24. burst out crying / laughing/singing 突然大哭/ 大笑
25. call at sp / call on sb / call up / call off / call out to / call for / call on/ sb to do 拜访某地/ 拜访某人/ 打电话/ 取消/ 大喊/ 叫来/ 号召某人做某事   (appeal to sb to do/appeal for 恳求)

26. carry out / work out / point out / find out/figure out  实施/ 做出/ 指出/ 查明
Conduct/ execute/perform       engage in/ deal in/ deal with (sb.)  
 deal with /cope with / handle 处理,解决

27. catch up with sb / keep up with sb / keep pace with sb

28. change sth into sth / exchange sth for sth 把……变成/ 交换    trade for 
 Alter/modify/transform/vary from/ convert   eg. Can you change this note for coins? / 你能把这张纸币换成硬币吗?  eg. May I exchange this book for your new pen? / 我能用这本书换你的新笔吗?

29. come into being / come to oneself / 形成/ 恢复意识
  eg. The new system came into being in the late 19th century. / 这种新体制在十九世纪后期开始形成。

30. have sth in common with sb 和某人有共同点
  eg. The twins have a lot of things in common with each other. / 孪生姐妹间有很多相似点。

32. be regarded / thought of / considered/seen as 被认为,被当成

33. be content / satisfied / pleased with 对……感到满意

34. encourage sb to do sth / encourage sb in sth 鼓励某人做某事  eg. He always encourages me to work hard. eg. He always encourages me in my study. / 他总是在我的英语上给我鼓励。

35. be covered with 被……覆盖

37. be determined to do sth / make up one's mind to do 下定决心做某事

38. to some degree / to some extent / in a way 从某种程度上来说  largely 
   I think what he said is right to some extent. 
   It is helpful to predict the extent to which a price change will affect supply and demand. 

39. put off… until / delay/postpone 推迟
  eg. The sport meeting has been put off until next Friday. / 运动会已经被推迟到下周五。

40. take delight in sth / doing sth 取悦于做某事     take pride in one’s work 
  eg. One should not take delight in making fun of others. / 人不能以取笑他人为乐。

41. depend on / rely on / feed on / live on 依靠/ 依靠/ 用……喂养/ 以……为生

42. in the distance / at a distance 在远处/ 隔一段距离

43. dress sb in sth / sb be dressed in sth 打扮某人    dress up as witch 
    Care much about dress            a well/finely/decently-dressed lady

44. be due to do sth 按期,按理该做某事,由于 eg. The train is due to arrive at 5 o'clock. / 火车应在五点到达。
eg. The failure is totally due to his carelessness. / 失败都是由他的粗心造成的。
Thanks are due to him.    I am due for a pay raise.   due reward 
Owing to       I owe my good health to proper diet and exercise.

45. be eager to do sth / be eager for sth 迫不及待做某事/ 对……很热衷   long to do/ long for 

46. have an effect on sth 对……有影响    influence on/ impact on
  eg. Smoking has a bad effect on people's health. / 吸烟有害健康。

47. make efforts to do sth 千方百计做某事   spare no efforts to do 
48. equip sb with sth / arm sb with sth 用……来武装某人   be armed/dressed to the teeth 
eg. The young people must arm themselves with knowledge. / 年轻人必须用知识武装自己的头脑。
  be in arms    The students were in arms at the news that the college would raise their tuition. 

49. expect sb to do sth / count on sb to do sth / want sb to do sth 期待某人做某事/ 指望某人做某事/  50. make a face /  face issue

51. have faith in sth 相信/ be faithful to sth 对……忠诚

52. fall asleep / fall ill / fall silent 入睡/生病/ 恢复寂静

53. sb be familiar with sth / sth be familiar to sb 某人熟悉某物

54. find fault with sb / sb be at fault 挑某人的毛病/ 是某人的错


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  • 2017年12月07日 10:02
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word2vector 一些问题及思考

本文是看了论文《Distributed Representations of Words and Phrases and their Compositionality》的学习笔记。 话不多说。 贴...
  • u014422406
  • u014422406
  • 2017年04月30日 20:49
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SPOJ PHRASES 每个字符串至少出现两次且不重叠的最长子串

Description You are the King of Byteland. Your agents have just intercepted a batch of encrypte...
  • Fun_Zero
  • Fun_Zero
  • 2016年04月06日 22:13
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spoj 220 Relevant Phrases of Annihilation (后缀数组 每个串中都至少出现两次的不重叠最长子串)

  • whyorwhnt
  • whyorwhnt
  • 2014年06月24日 17:13
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spoj 220 Relevant Phrases of Annihilation(每个字符串至少出现两次且不重叠的最长子串)

 Relevant Phrases of Annihilation Time Limit: 9000MS   Memory Limit: Unknown   64bit...
  • WEYuLi
  • WEYuLi
  • 2014年11月18日 20:23
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基于python的gensim word2vec训练词向量

准备工作当我们下载了anaconda后,可以在命令窗口通过命令conda install gensim安装gensimgensim介绍gensim是一款强大的自然语言处理工具,里面包括N多常见模型,我...
  • lk7688535
  • lk7688535
  • 2016年10月12日 17:18
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(dijkstra 1.1)hdu 1546 Idiomatic Phrases Game(dijkstra——当建图规则为:当一个单词的后4个字符和另一个单词的前4个字符一致时才建边,求最短路径)

题目:Idiomatic Phrases GameTime Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)    Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java...
  • caihongshijie6
  • caihongshijie6
  • 2015年03月27日 17:20
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