Education Pays

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Education Pays

The above bar chart clearly shows us education pays in 2010. 
We see that one with higher education background earns more money weekly than those with lower ones. 
For instance, the college students with no degree get paid$712 per week whereas those with a Bachelor’s degree can earn $1038.

Several reasons, in my opinion, can be identified to account for this phenomenon. 
To begin with, compared with those with comparatively lower education degree, 
people who have received higher education possess considerably wider knowledge, more remarkable learning and research ability, 
greater innovation and most of all, resourceful social network, all of which are essential to a high-income work. Also, 
the higher one’s education degree is, the bigger platform he will have to show his ability. 
For example, his college, university, or research institute will organize various job fairs for them to communicate face to face with employers.

This phenomenon tells us that education is a worthy investment. Therefore, 
substantial education investment should be strengthened while we, as college students, 
should study harder to build our country and strive for a better life for ourselves.

Education Pays(A)

Judging from the table, we can see that people’s income increases along with their education levels. 
Above all,the average college graduates earn much more than the typical high-school graduates.

The fact revealed by these data is obvious: a degree does bring distinctive financial benefits to its holders. 
But is it true that a degree alone can ensure a bright future? I don’t think so because, on the one hand, 
the financial value of high education depends heavily on what skills graduates can gain from it instead of the degree itself. 
After all, an employer only pays for your ability and performance, not for your certificate. On the other hand, 
the most valuable bless high education brings to graduates is the ability to learn quickly and efficiently. 
People received more education tend to keep lifelong learning habits after their graduation, 
which would help them gain more opportunities in their career path.

In conclusion, what accounts for education pays is not the degree alone, 
but the graduate’s ability and leaning habit.


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