Joan Baez - Willie Moore

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这是一首悲伤的歌,Willie Moore与Annie相爱,但Annie的父母不同意他们在一起,
最后Annie跳河自杀,而Willie Moore也孤独在远方伤心而死。

Willie Moore

Willie Moore was a King, his age twenty-one
Courted a maiden fair;
Her eyes were like two diamonds bright
Raven black was her hair, hmmm hmmm hmmm...

He courted her both day and night,
To marry him she did agree,
But when they went to get her parents' consent,
They said, "This could never be," hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...

"I love Willie Moore," sweet Annie replied,
"Better than I love my life,
And l would rather die than weep here and cry,
Never to be his wife," hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...

That very same night sweet Anne disappeared,
They searched the country 'round
In a little stream down by the cabin door,
The body of sweet Annie was found' hmmm, hmmm, hmm

Sweet Annie's parents they live all alone,
One mourns, the other cries,
In a little grave down by the cabin door
The body of sweet Annie now lies.

Willie Moore scarce spoke that anyone knew,
Soon from his friends did part;
And the last heard of him was he's on Montreal
Where he died of a broken heart.

Joan Baez - Jackaroe

这是一首英国民歌,出现于1900年左右。我听的是Joan Baez的版本。歌词如下:JackaroeJoan BaezThere was a wealthy merchant,In London he...
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研究记录02—EKF_SLAM ——2012.4 Joan Sola

1. 直接观测模型和逆观测模型的区别,与他们实现上面的不同。 observe() and invobserve() scan and invscan 直接观测模型是针对已经建图的地标,对初始情...
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Moore FSM和Mealy FSM的区别

Moore型FSM:下一状态只由当前状态决定,即次态=f(现状,输入),输出=f(现状) Mealy型FSM:下一状态不但与当前状态有关,还与当前输入值有关,即次态=f(现状,输入),输出=f(...
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Moore’s Voting Algorithm

Moore’s Voting AlgorithmMoore’s Voting Algorithm该算法是找出重复元素的最佳的算法,其时间复杂度为O(n)O(n)而空间复杂度为O(1)O(1)。...
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Moore's voting algorithm

最近在刷LeetCode的题的时候,发现一个特别巧妙的算法:Moore’s voting algorithm。 这个算法是解决这样一个问题:从一个数组中找出出现半数以上的元素。 Moore的主页上...
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Python 学习第九天

(14)类(class) 14.1 创建类 根据Dog类创建的每个实例都将存储名字和年龄。我们赋予每条小狗蹲下(sit()) 和打滚(roll_over())的能力。 class Dog...
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Majority Element问题

问题: 数组中有一个数字出现的次数超过了数组changs
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摩尔投票算法(Boyer–Moore majority vote algorithm)

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Mealy和moore型状态机的主要区别 状态机一般分为三种类型: Moore型状态机:下一状态只由当前状态决定,即次态=f(现状,输入),输出=f(现状); Mealy型状态机:下一状态不...
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