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The XML team at Microsoft has done some great work to improve the performance of the MSXML parser over the last three releases. They made a major improvement to the scalability of MSXML for the Windows 2000 release, as described at the end of Charlie Heinemann's article "What's New in XML for Microsoft Windows 2000." They added new interfaces in the MSXML January 2000 Web Release that allow caching of schemas and XSL templates. The Web Release also includes some important work to improve the memory management of XSL transformations, so that they scale better on the server.

MicrosoftXML小组在过去的三版MSXML解析器中作了大量的工作来提升性能。他们在Windows 2000版中大大提升了MSXML的伸缩性,正如在Charlie Heinemann"What's New in XML for Microsoft Windows 2000"一文最后提到的那样。他们在MSXML January 2000 Web版中添加了新的接口用来缓存schemaXSL模板。该版本还包含了对XSL转换的内存管理十分重要的一些改进,使得能够在服务器上有更好的伸缩性能。

I ran out of time in this article to explore the new features. If there's enough interest, perhaps I'll do a follow up article on them. The C++ source code used to get the performance numbers in this article and the same data is included in the xmlperf.exe file that accompanies this article.


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