MyEclipse 5.0 M1 发布 支持Eclipse 3.2

原创 2006年05月30日 23:52:00

MyEclipse 开发小组近日发布,MyEclipse 5.0 M1 新版本发布了。

该新版本中最显著的特征就是对Eclipse 3.2的支持。该新版本中发布了一些重要的提升的功能以及bug fixes,比如Matisse4MyEclipse for Eclipse 3.2 SDK,MyEclipse Web 2.0 浏览器和JavaScript 调试工具的Linux支持,等等。


All MyEclipse 4.x features ported to Eclipse 3.2 SDK and Web Tools Platform 1.5.
Matisse4MyEclipse for Eclipse 3.2 SDK (Windows only). Requires update site installation.
Backward compatibility for MyEclipse 4.x J2EE projects.
Linux support for MyEclipse Web 2.0 Browser and JavaScript Debugger.
Significant JSP Editor performance improvements.
Advanced and basic wizards for creation of HTML, JSP and XML document files.
New wizards to create and drop database tables, indexes and foreign key relationships. Wizards are accessible from the Database Browser and Database
Details View.
Database Entity-Relationship Diagram customization features including selection of tables during creation, drag-n-drop of tables and from the Database Explorer,
remove table from diagram, and access schema management wizards from context-menu actions.
Improved Database DDL and XML generation.
Improved Database Details view, especially table information.
Hibernate HQL Editor with query execution capabilities integrated with Database Explorer, includes synchronized SQL Translation View.
Hibernate Perspective and capabilities.
Upgrade to Spring Framework 1.2.7 libraries.
Use of customizable workspace capabilities, perspectives and activities to provide a cohesive organization of MyEclipse features.
All previously released features from MyEclipse 4.1.1


Maven安装配置及其插件m2e(Eclipse Indigo 和 MyEclipse8.5)的安装配置

系统:Windows7 使用软件: Maven3.0.3 + Eclipse Indigo JEE   安装Maven 1. 下载解压缩Maven3.0.3,放在某一个目录下 我的目录...
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最近二天接触maven,发现确实是个好的构建框架,现在将安装maven和插件的方法记录一下 在安装maven之前,先确保已经安装JDK1.6及以上版本,并且配置好环境变量。 我采用的是离线的安装方...


MyEclipse6.5版本默认集成一个maven的插件,但是这个插件的功能并不完全,而且bug较多。这就需要自己卸载重新安装m2eclipse 安装方法: 首先卸载myeclipse默认集成...

Maven安装配置及其插件m2e(Eclipse Indigo 和 MyEclipse8.5)的安装配置

系统:Windows7 使用软件: Maven3.0.3 + Eclipse Indigo JEE   安装Maven 1. 下载解压缩Maven3.0.3,放在某一个...

图解MyEclipse 8.5M1中Android开发平台的搭建【下】

1、  下载Android Development Tools(ADT),直接到这里去下载Android ADT最新插件 10.0.0的:
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