cloudberry with walrus

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Eucalyptus is an open source software framework for cloud computing that implements what is commonly referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Eucalyptus software provides users with the ability to run and control isolated collections of virtual machine instances with many EC2/S3-compatible tools.

Walrus is a storage service included with Eucalyptus that is interface compatible with Amazon S3 . Walrus allows users to store persistent data, organized as buckets and objects. We are proud to announce CloudBerry Explorer support for Walrus .

Full description of installation / configuration of Eucalyptus is outside of this article scope, and we suggest that you check out Eucalyptus website for more details.

To register your Walrus accounts go to File | Walrus Accounts in the program menu. This will open the dialog you are already familiar with. You will have to specify Service Point, Access and Secret key and click ok.


For the Service Point take the IP address and the port number of your Eucalyptus installation and add /services/Walrus to the end. Don’t use http:// at the beginning. You should have something like this:

Note : This is a default Service Point and it could be modified using Walrus config files.

To find the connection data login to your Eucalyptus Management console and whole on the Credentials screen scroll down to Query interface credentials section. Click Show keys button. Basically Query ID is Access Key and Secret key is what it says.


Your new Walrus account will become available in the list of other accounts. Now you can create buckets and copy file to / from your Walrus account just like you would to Amazon S3 account.


Note: It is worth mentioning though that Eucalyptus used to provide a test bed for those who wanted to explorer its functionality not installing the software locally. Due to the popularity of the test bed the service is temporary unavailable as Eucalyptus team is moving it to more powerful hardware. I suggest that you visit their website later to check for announcements.


CloudBerry S3 Explorer is a Windows freeware product that helps managing Amazon S3 storage and CloudFront . You can download it at

CloudBerry S3 Explorer PRO is a Windows program that helps managing Amazon S3 storage and CloudFront . You can download it at It is currently in beta and free for all users. You can download it at

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