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Here, I have to say that NS2 is a magic tool, which combine the power of c++ with the convience of Tcl/Tk. However, it's also a nightmare for beginner. If I make an analog, ns2 can be Linux and Opnet can be Windows. Sure, there are a lot of common points between them.

Both are open and free. NS2 is an open source tools, you can completely control it as you can do anthing to Linux. However, Openet is GUI-friendly, but commercial. You have to pay $$$$ to got it.

Openet is an official tools, therefore, it's upgraded slowly. To simulate the new protocols, such as wireless sensor network, you have to design a whole platform. So my favorite is NS2. People from all over the world will enrich the tools, just like Linux. If you like opensource, if you like Linux, then enjoy NS2.

NS2 has a good compability. NS2 can run in windows(Windows+Cygwin), any linux.

The following are resources which have guided me to the paradise of NS2.

ns tutorial
ns2 offical website
Course for network and ns-2
introducing ns

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NS-2入门资料lecture note for beginners

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