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Technical Components
Part1 Hardware (40%)
1. CPU stands for ______ b
a. Cyber Processing Unit
b. Central processing Unit
c. Chief Processing Unit
d. Celeron Processing Unit.

2. DDR2 Module has ____ pins.
a. 72
b. 164
c. 184
d. 240

3. Which type of Intel CPU has no pins integrated on package?
a. Socket 775
b. Socket 478
c. Slot 1
d. Socket A

4. The speed of USB 2.0 is ____MB/s.
a. 1.5
b. 12
c. 128
d. 480

5. One IDE cable can connect ___ IDE device(s) like HD or CDROM.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

6. If you enable Hyper-Threading of your dual-core CPU, you can see ____ CPU(s) displayed in Device Manager.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

7. HT of CPU is a good technology in many high-level CPU. HT stands for ____.
a. High Tech
b. Huge Terminal
c. Hyper Threading
d. High Transporting

8. You bought a 160G hard drive, but in Windows XP, you can only see about 147G in disk management tool. Why? b

a. Your partitions tables use others space.
b. It’s the difference between Decimal System and Binary System.
c. You should install XP with SP2.
d. Maybe you create a un-supported partition in windows XP.

9. South bridge chipset works with ________, usually it locates far away from CPU. (Choose all the answers)
a. Memory controller
b. HD controller
c. AGP controller
d. USB controller

10. Each SATA cable can connect __ SATA hard drive(s).
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

11. RAID 1 is ______
a. Disk mirroring
b. Disk striping
c. Disk ghosting
d. Disk protecting

12. Which of the following is/are interface standard of HardDrive. (Choose all the answers)
d. SAS

13. Which resolution rate will CRT run when you select VGA mode in Windows? c
a. 640*480
b. 800*600
c. 1024*768
d. 1280*1024

14. Which resolution and fresh rate is the best one for 17“ SXGA Lcd? b
a. 800*600@60hz
b. 1024*768@80hz
c. 1280*1024@60hz
d. 1600*1200@80hz

15. PC3200 Memory’s clock speed is ____ Mhz.
a. 266
b. 333
c. 400
d. 533

16. If you want to install RAMBUS memory modules, you must use __ module(s) together.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

17. Can AGP 2X video card work in AGP 8X slot?
a. yes, but video card only works in 2X.
b. yes, and video card will work in 8X.
c. no, though you can plug it into such slot, it can’t work due to different voltage supported
d. no, you can’t plug 2X video card into 8X slot even.

18. Which of the following jumper modes can you find in PATA HD. (Choose all the answers)
a. Master
b. Slave
c. Cable select
d. single

19. Can you install a 2.1 channel speaker into a 5.1 audio system?
a. yes.
b. no.

20. Can USB keyboard works in BIOS setting menu?
a. Yes, but it depends on BIOS’ support.
b. Yes, and no requirements for the BIOS version.
c. Yes, but you just can enter BIOS with USB keyboard, you can’t change items in BIOS.
d. No, you only can use PS/2 keyboard in BIOS.

Part2 Network (30%)
21. One user has a new computer with Windows XP installed. The system was functional well while no network connected. He connected an ADSL modem to the NIC. During reboot, Windows XP froze for about one minute before entering into windows. What shall we do to solve this issue?
A) Reinstall NIC driver
B) Replace ADSL modem
C) Set IP address manually
D) Set correct subnet mask

22. Under Windows XP, which command would you use to trace a packet from source host to destination host?

23. You notice that the subnet mask is on your Windows XP computer while using the IPCONFIG utility at the command prompt to check for IP address configuration. What does it mean when the IPCONFIG utility displays a subnet mask of
A)The default gateway on your computer does not match the default gateway of the network.
B)Your computer has the same subnet mask as another computer on the network.
C)Your computer does not have the correct IP address class specified for it.
D)Your computer has the same IP address as another computer on the network.

24. If you want to give up its lease with a DHCP server, what command would you use to accomplish the task?
A) ipconfig/endlease
B) ipconfig/release
C) route/release
D) route/end lease

25. You type command 'Ping' to visit successfully, what's that mean?
A) TCP/IP protocol work normally.
B) PC can visit internet.
C) Network card get IP from DHCP server.
D) Network card is a integrated device.

26. What type of system is used to visit correct IP by using name for a website?
B) Transaction
C) Index
D) Search

27. Which of the following IP address range is not reserved for private network?
A) -
B) -
C) -
D) -

28. Which command would you use to view the IP settings on a win2k/winxp system?
B) winipcfg
C) ipconfig
D) ifconfig

29. Which port does HTTP use by default?
A) 20
B) 21
C) 80
D) 81

30. We want connect 2 hosts by a direct connection UTP cable for a 10M network. Now which pins need to match when we add RJ45 plug.
A) 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 6-6
B) 1-3, 2-6, 3-1, 6-2
C) 1-2, 2-1, 3-6, 6-3
D) can’t made this kind of cable.

Part3 Operation System (30%)

31. What is the difference between Quick Format and Format?

A) When you choose to run a regular format on a volume, files are removed from the volume that you are formatting.
B) If you choose Quick format option, format will not remove files from the partition,
C) Hard disk will be scanned for bad sectors if you choose regular format option.
D) The system will not check hard disk for bad sectors neither choosing Quick option nor regular option.

32 How many Extended Drives does it show on the picture below?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

33. Which one of the following is NOT a feature of Windows XP SP2?
A) NX Technology (Data Execution Prevention)
B) Pop-Up Blocker
C) Spam Blocker
D) Windows Firewall

34. If there is no listing for SP2 in the Add/Remove Programs list, it can be uninstalled manually. (Windows XP SP2)
A) False
B) True

35. If a customer has Windows Update set to automatic, he will still have to visit the web to download Service Pack 2. (Windows XP SP2)
A) False
B) True

36. Windows Firewall will be enabled by default on which of the following interfaces? (Windows XP SP2)
A) All of the answers are correct
B) Dial-Up Connection
C) Local Area Network (LAN)

37. If the customer is having a problem with the Windows Firewall, what is the best solution? (Windows XP SP2)

A) Correct the configuration settings of the firewall
B) Give the customer the support contact numbers for Microsoft.
C) Suggest the customer downloads a 3rd party firewall
D) Turn the firewall off

38. We’ve just replaced a hard drive for a customer. Previously the customer had a 30G hard drive formatted in a single FAT32 partition. The customer received a 40G drive and wants it partitioned the same way. How would you handle this situation?

A We can create a single volume with 40G then format it as FAT32 partition
B Suggest customer to format the single 40G volume as FAT16 partition
C Suggest customer to format the single 40G volume as NTFS partition
d Say NO to customer, we ‘re unable to do that.

39. Which command is right to fix errors on the disk?
A chkdsk /f
B diskprobe
C fdisk
D format /q

40. Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 has all the features of Windows XP SP2.
A) False
B) True



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