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 Have seen the "D" version of "the sun also rises". I am a little bit touched by the "love" story. Although it is still little bit far from to be classic, it is much better than director chen's "The Promise(无极)" and director zhang's "Curse of the Golden Flower(满城尽带黄金) ".

An interesting thing is that simililar as  "Forrest Gump" was pubished first in China, many people who currently didn't really understand the moive wrote thousands of words on it and even published on media. almost all the comments I saw didn't even mension it's link to love. no one knows the mentally unbalanced mother is crazy for a bird who said "I know, I know", not for losing shoes.

It is hard for a foreigner to understand the moive. but it is not so difficult for a chinese. but even in a oversea stduents' forum, I can still hardly find someone really catching the meanings of the movie.

some people's arrogancy and impoliteness are very impressed. I was proude of  intelligence of chinese. But now I begin to doubt it. although I am a chinese. I found that sometimes we have some fake images of the world and ourselves.

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