List and Array in Perl

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scalar ----singular

list && array ------plural

1. A list is an ordered collection of scalars, and the list is the data. Using (1, 2, 3)

2. An array is a variable that contians a list, and the array is the variable. Using ['1', '2'. '3']

Array and list can have any number of elements. The smallest one has no elements and the largest can fill all of the available memory. 

Perl's philosophy of " no unnecessary limits".

Using $#array_name as an index.

$array[-1] == $array[$#array]

3. fw shortcut

qw( fred barney betty wilma dino ) == ("fred", "barney", "betty", "wilma", "dino")

4, List assigment:

($fred, $barney)=("fred", "barney")

5, pop and push operations in List:

@array = 5..9;

$fred = pop(@array); #@array=(5.6,7,8)

$fred = pop(@@array); #@array=(5.6,7)

push(@array, 10);# @array =(5,6,7,10)

6. shift and unshift operations:

@array = qw# dino fred barney #;

$m = shift(#@array); # $m gets " dino"  and @array now has ("fred", "barney")

shift @array; #@array now is empty

unshift(@array, 5); # @array has one element (5)

7, Interpolating array into list:

@rock = qw{ a b c d }

$mail = "" #wrong

$mail = "red\"; #right

$mail = '' #right

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