Vim Search

1. :/keyword: search in the text; n: move to next target2. ?keyword: search keyword in reverse order=====================================================================================   Match ...
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Vim Shortcut in a fast guide

1.  Number + w: move the next "number" word from the current location.     Number + b:  do the reverse action compared the "w"2. Number + $  or $: move the end of the current line or move the next...
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Vim Shortcut

The following will cover the favourate shortcut for vim, and you dont need mouse at all.1. i:  move into insert mode2. esc:   clear the current mode,and go back the default mode3. h(left), j(down), k...
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Windows Shortcut key

The following is very useful shortcut key in the windows:Windows system: win + d:   show the desktop win:         show the startup menu[You can click quick starting word to start an ap...
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