SQL Learning Tip 5

1. The constraints include: NOT NULL, primary key, foreign key, Unqiue2. A check constraint restricts what values you can insert into a column. It uses the same conditional as a where clause.   SQL ...
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SQL Learning Tip 4

1. select some_column from table where column1 = (subquery)   subquery will return a column value in <>   Notice:    a. If a subquery is used as a column expression in a select statement, it can...
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SQL Learning Tip 3

1. DataBase Schema  A representation of all the structures, such as table and columns, in your database, along with how they connect, is known  as Schema2. Foreign key  a column in a table tha...
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SQL Learning Tip2

1. alter table talbe_name add column column_name data_type (First/Before/Last/After/Fifth) (column_name)   Comments: set the new column in a certain position compared with "assigned column"2. alte...
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SQL Learning Tip

1.  create database; use database; 2. create table tablename(columnName columnType,...);3. desc table/drop table tablename;4. datatype:  int, dec(num,num), varchar(), char, blob, date, datetime.5. ins...
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