Dataset, datapath, datapointer in Laszlo

Laszlo Dataset datapointer...
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XPath Tutorial

1. / is the root node in the xpath.2. /root/parent/children  :   return children nodes3. /root/parent/children[1]  :   return children node 4. /root/parent/children[@name='dd']:  return a specified child node5. /root/par...
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Log to Server in Laszlo

Messages can be written from an LZX application to the server log through the use of the  logdebug=true query parameter and the Debug.log() method. Debug.monitor(who, what): Takes an object and property name and will emit a monitor ...
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Event Handler in Laszlo

Define an event, and associate a handler with the event. Both of them should share the same name.3.  Check the existence of the handler      if (onAA || this['AAA'] ) AAA.sendEvent();Listener/Handler/Event is the basic broadcast mechnanism in Laszlo. A sou...
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HttpDataRequest & HttpDataProvider & lz.Params

lz.HTTPDataRequest implements the DataRequest interface, to support HTTP data requests.lz.HTTPDataProvider implements the DataProvider interface, to support HTTP data requests. ...
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gconftool-2 --set --type=list --list-type=string /apps/gedit-2/preferences/encodings/auto_detected "[UTF-8,CURRENT,GB18030,BIG5-HKSCS,UTF-16]"...
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Tips in programming Laszlo

1. if (object['attributename'])  logic goes here. :  mainly focus on the checking attribute in laszlo.2.  How to declear a private/annoymous functionfunc_varname = function(varname) { logic block;}; 3. a lot of instances are intialized in library.lzx with ...
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node: base class in Laszlo

node class in laszlo...
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scrolltarget:  选择要拥有滚动条的view组件。scrollable: 是否显示滚动条的开工 ...
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对于一个软件系统架构优劣的分析,总要有一些准则,以下是一些粗略的标准:1. 系统性能2. 可靠性(容错/健壮性)3. 可用性4. 安全性5. 可修改性(可维护性,可扩展性,结构重组,可移植性)6. 功能性7. 可交互性 针对同一个架构和系统的分析,不同的角色所持的立场是不同的,架构师所要承担的就是权衡不同属性之间的平衡;设计和实现则关注可修改性和性能/可靠性。用户更关注功能和可用性/安全性...
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Tooltip in Laszlo

Tooltip in Laszlo...
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如何安装flash debugger in ubuntu

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