JQuery-3 Section 2(Animation)

$(selector > div:first):   > select the child node. $('#bio h3').click(function() { $(this).next().animate( {'height':'toggle'}, 'slow', 'easeOutBounce');});  // height: toggle, 自动切换高度。  $('p:first').animate( { <br...
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JQuery-3 Animation, Resizing and Scrolling

$(selector).animate({attr:value}, time/type): animate the attribute in the element matched.Hove, toggle in switch with alternative actions:  $('#actionBtn').toggle(function(){      $('#disclaimer').css({'height':'hide',<...
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1. whereis ibus, and get the right path of the ibus-daemon.(/usr/bin/ibus-daemon)2. add this command in startup-application. ...
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JQuery -2

$('#celebs tr.zebra').removeClass('zebra'); 移除当前节点的zebra class.$('#celebs tr:even').addClass('zebra');$('#button_id').click(function(){//logic}):     button handler register$selector.is.(":attr_name):  return true/false. $('#disclaimer').toggle():  根据点击的次数...
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JQuery -1

jQuery是一个命名的空间,$是其同义词alias.  jQuery的命令都是开始于jQuery的函数或者$。每一个jQuery命令都是由三个部分组成: selector, action, parameters (jquery/$('p').css('a','b');html 5中每个节点都是基于之类的匹配节点的。JQuery selection:$(html tag); $(id_name): $('#id_name');$(.class_name): show all the kinds of sel...
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case1: 先创建database,然后创建表;输入中文,皆为乱码。 随后手动设置数据库/连接/client皆为uft8(/etc/mysql/my.cnf),依然无法生效。随后放弃。case2:  alter database xxx default character set utf8;  无效。case 3:            直接删除数据库,新建数据库(create database myexam --default-character-set ...
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ubuntu上mysql默认安装使用的字符集是latin1。 1 查看字符集支持 show character set; 2 查看字符集相关变量 show variables like "character_set%"; 3 设置默认字符集 为解决乱码问题,最简单的办法就是修改默认字符集。修改默认字符集为utf8: 找到/etc/mysql/my.cnf,在[mysqld]下加上:default-character-set=utf8 或者如果装了桌面系统,可以...
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How install mysql in Ubuntu for Rails 3

gem install  mysql2 Building native extensions.  This could take a while… ERROR:  Error installing mysql2:         ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. / home/ kahwee/ .rvm/ rubies/ ruby-1.9.2-p0/ bin/ ruby extconf.rb checking for  rb...
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Vim Tab

set list:  show tab character;set nonexpandtab/expandtab:  make it convert forcely.%retab!; 强制删除命令:  /"[^"/t]*/t[^"]*" ...
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