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"In five years time, everyone will either be a “mobile developer” or they’ll be out of a job" 


JavaOne 2004 recap

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Several people have asked me to summarize my overall “take” on this year’s JavaOne conference, so here goes:

Java for the desktop and server (J2SE and J2EE) have matured and their JavaOne coverage was all about utility, while wireless Java (J2ME) has reached the point of ubiquity and is shifting fast into a “must do” for many developers, even those who’ve traditionally paid mobile devices no real attention. The nature of the technical talks I attended reflected this utilitarian view of Java by delivering nitty gritty details on ME/SE/EE related technologies without a lot of bull.

J2ME has certainly made a lot of progress in the last five years, and the conference clearly reflected that with a reasonable slate of wireless development related sessions and BOFs. That said, I hope that next year’s conference will go even further with mobility, because I truly believe that in five years time, everyone will either be a “mobile developer” or they’ll be out of a job. One only needs to look at the number of wireless handsets in use (likely to reach 2 billion in the next 2-3 years) versus desktops (in the hundreds of millions, and growing much more slowly than mobile devices) to see where the real opportunities lie.

OK, enough of my take on the conference itself. I’ve also collected all of my JavaOne blog entries together below so that people can link to this single entry for future reference. In chronological order, my JavaOne 2004 blog bits are:

Also, here’s a visual cross-reference based upon my moblog photos (thank you, 7610!). Click on any image below to jump to its related blog entry:
Advanced Java Technology Wireless Programming J2ME at Five Nokia booth Moscone South Borland party Bluetooth BOF The gang at mid-schmooze Russ and the Nokia 6630 proto Tomi and Kari answer questions

Want still more photos? Check out Sun’s JavaOne 2004 Event Photos and Richard Welch’s conference photo gallery. More takes on wireless @ JavaOne? Read thoughts and impressions from a number of my former Sun colleagues including Jonathan Schwartz, James Gosling, Srikanth Raju, and others.

Hope to see you at next year’s conference, June 27-30 (BTW, why, oh why, the disturbing new trend to place JavaOne right up against the 4th of July and midsummer holidays, Sun?).

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