Desperate Housewife 1- 6

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1 - 6
Secrets were revealed. reveal 泻露
and the mystery deepened.
suburbia is a battle ground 郊区及其居民
an arena for all forms of domestic combat.
combat 战斗
husbands clash with wives. clash 冲突
cross swords with 交锋
lose ground 退败
From the prenuptial agreement, which she reluctantly

prenuptial 结婚前的
reluctantly 不情愿的
you always say how you're not putting away enough for

put away 储存
till I build up my stamina, stamina 体力,耐力
underestimate 小看
of the many suburban rituals. ritual老规矩
yard sale 摘前见卖
The shoppers come to sift through the discarded

belongings of someone they dont really konw
sift 筛 sift through 被筛下
so determined to save a few pennies, they often miss

hidden treasure. treasure 财宝
charity 慈善
commerce 商业 chamber of commerce 商会 chamber会

we dont need to carry any more with us than is abs

Let's call it 10 bucks for everything. 全部10元
scenery 风景,
fat lip 多嘴
cut back 削减
length of time one lasts in a sexual encounter before

climaxing. climax 顶点,高潮
I'm not surprised that he's playing it close to the vest.
close to the vest 保守秘密 vest 背心
borderline personality disorder 边缘型人格异常
 i'm also recommending extensive psychotherapy to help

unearth any repressed
psychotherapy 心理治疗 unearth 发掘 repressed 被压

little red riding hood 小红帽
it is your involvement taht make the plays here so special
involvement 参加
turn over the next part of our meeting to our parent

turn over 移交
rehearsal 彩排
animals should only be euthanized as a last resort.
euthanize 安乐死 resort 手段,求助
do you find something amusing?
amusing 好笑的
he has a thorn in his paw
thorn 刺 paw 爪子
woodsman 樵夫
the woodsman will take out the thorn.
take out 清除
chow down on another defenseless old lady
chow down 吃掉
i wasnt aware you two were friends
abstinence club. abstinence 节制
be infuriated by Paul's evasion answer.
infuriate 狂怒的,激怒  evasion 借口,逃避
be convinced 确信
I'm fresh out. 用完了
gosh 糟了
garage 车库
first off 首先
thus far 现在为止
sxtual intercourse 性交
intercourse 交流
tooth paste 牙膏
symptom 征兆
i have an excellent referral. 我有一个很好的推荐
referral 推荐
coach  指导
discreet  谨慎的
she is very discreet. you will hardly notice her.
it is really starting to tick me off. tick sb off 使生气
Let's get cracking 让我们迅速行动起来
crack  崩溃,破解
the twins' stage debut. debut 初次露面。
I take it you've met sb. I take it 我以为...
rule her little kingdom 统治她的小王国
shave your legs 刮腿毛
it's primitive, but it's fair. primitive 原始的
isnt it sexist of us to generalize like this
generalize 概括
i hate playing three handed poker. 3人poker.
chip 碎片
i notice you were just playing for chips.  你们玩为了娱乐
return any of my phone calls
wrist 腕
in desperate need of someone to do the costumes.
costume 服装
keep my finger cross 祈求好运
thank you for that impassioned speech. impassioned 充

that's what so great about being in a democracy
democracy 民主
everyone's entitled to their opinion
entitled 有资格
all in favor of 全部同意. in favor of 赞成,支持
what a coincidence
card shark shark 鲨鱼
my mother had a serious gambling problem
gamble  赌博
she went into debt. debt 债务
she dipped into her savings, started hocking jewelry
dip into 动用, hock 典当
it doesnt take much for her to fall off the wagon
wagon 四轮马车 fall off the wagon跌落
as some sort of prude who just lays there like a cold fish
prude 过分守礼的人
sensation  感觉
all that muscle and sinew pressed against my body.
muscle 肌肉 sinew 肌肉,精力
the tactile sensation of running my tongue over a main's

nipple ever so gently
tactile 触觉 nipple 乳头
two bodies becoming one in that final eruption of

eruption 爆发
scrotum 阴囊
buffet 自助餐
in the mood for 想做。。
off you go 你可以走了
shortcut 捷径
i'm in the middle of a costume crisis, and if i dont take a

few shortcut, i'll never finish.
concession 让步
clump of fur 一快毛皮
forest is looking a little dense anyway
dense 密集的
blend 混合
I create the distraction 我制造混乱
blend in 混入 blend 混合
you pretend to be bulimic. bulimic 贪食的

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