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long term big questions:

how is history realized in state machine? how is other interesting part realized?

pattern can be learnt from hmi design.

MVC pattern

spe and hmi design flow

guide future, qt, ios, android auto, windows automotive

master stf

Project independent parts, equal for each HMI target project, how did you do that?

meaning of photoshop script

Rapid Prototyping and integrationof  CANmessages or hardware input

a label to accept event param, why cannot accept directly?

match_event v:e = ev:Changan_API_ExtIn_UpdateStatus in
  //v:this.text = f:int2string(v:e.BlowCurtainQuantity);
  dp:showResult = f:int2string(v:e.BlowCurtainQuantity);

ping(), pong()

what's the meaning of v?

state machine: not only about view

script, how to do self-script
what is the meaning of finger ID?
touch policy: touch and grab, touch then react
type: formatted string, script.
how prevent flickering?
why eb guide demo cannot be loaded in android? any restriction such as 3D?
why demo can rotate even when transformation-rotation is not enabled. 
    the template about rotation.
why touch pressed is enabled in condition of state touch enabled?
model design is visual,but when i want to search all relatives of a variable, it is hard.
why demo has so much layer?
when i create a new view, is it necessary to set the width and height by hand, i think not.
dungle use

context 1, 0, write, read, serious?

design pattern, as much as possible
3D camera parameter
the principle of state machine interpreter

how to verify c++ code works?

how to trace c++ code in android?

why speech tf not supported in SAIC project?
skin style, decorator?
what's the meaning of one line moved, 
   the thing finally dissapear when the relative call is deleted,
   and this design is really disgusting,
   and hard to recover?
multi user
own written script?

if deploy to Google Store, how to package?

getters and setters

trigger, on trigger, read



uva 1252——Twenty Questions

题意:给定n个物品,每个物品用01串表示,表示具备与否某个特征,然后每次可以询问一个特征,问最少询问几次能够确定一个物品。 思路:状压Dp,将这些数的特征压缩成一个数,把询问过的和没询问的都...

Oracle Fusion Applications : Frequently Asked Questions


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