Windows Phone 7 – Toast Notification Using Windows Azure Cloud Service

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In this post I am going to show the step by step approach to create the Toast Notificaton on Wndows Phone7.

Before that you need to understand what is Microsoft Push Notification, to understand Windows Phone 7 notifications and flow please go through my earlier post from the below link

Microsoft Push Notification in Windows Phone 7 - In Code Project

Please Go Through The 2 Minutes ToastNotification Youtube Demo 


MyCloudService - Windows Azure Cloud Service With WCF Service Web Role

First Let us start by creating the “Windows Azure Cloud Service with WCF Service Web Role” Start Visual Studio 2010 with (UAC Account)


In the menu File->New->Projects Choose the project templete “Windows Azure Cloud Service” and name it as MyCloudService accordingly.

In the new Cloud Service project dialog, select the WCF Service web role and add to cloud service solution list and Click on Ok button.


In the IService1.cs interface file just clear the auto generated code related to Composite type that is [DataContract] and methods that is [OperationContract] and create 2 interface methods [OperationContract] as shown below… One is to subscribe from windows phone 7 and other is used to sendNotification from WPF Application.

Create the class DeviceRef ChannelURI with public property.

In the Service1.svc.cs file we need to implement interface methods. below is the complete code

Build the Windows Azure Cloud Service project and run. On the system tray the below icon will appear related to cloud development fabric and development storage.


Verify the IP address with port in the development fabric.


The browser will be launched with same IP address and port number, please provide the servicename for example service1.svc at the end of the url if Service1.svc is not found.


Now the “Windows Azure cloud service with WCF web role” is ready to serve.

WpfAppNotificationComposer - WPF Application To Send Notification

Second Let us create the new project “WPF Application to send Notification”

Create new WPF Application with the name “WPFNotificationComposer” as shown below


Go to reference in the solution explorer and right click on that and choose Add Service Reference… In the popup menu as shown below.


In the Add Service Reference Dialog, Enter the URL of the cloud service in the Address:, in this case it is

Give the name to the Namespace: ServiceReference1 
Click on Go button and then Click on Ok button once the Service1 is listed as below in the Services:.

In the MainWindow.xaml just add 4 controls, label,textbox,button and listview and design as shown below.


Below is the complete MainWindow.xaml code

MainWindow.xaml.cs created a class ToastStatus and created a Service1Client object for cloud service. and on the send button click event called the cloud service and added the status to listview accordingly.

Just build and Run the project.

Now the “WPF Application to send notification” is ready to Compose & Send toast message.

WindowsPhoneToast – Windows Phone Application To Receive Notification

Third and finally Let us create the new project “Windows Phone Application to receive notification”

Start Visual Studio 2010 as administrator (UAC Account)

In the new projects templete choose the “Windows phone Application”
name it as “WindowsPhoneToast” and click on Ok button.

Add service reference Cloud Service in the same way we added in the WpfAppNotificationComposer project, Give the name to the Namespace:MyCloudServiceReference1

In the app.xaml.cs add the following reference

In the public App() constructor just add the notification related code below InitializePhoneApplication();

Add the following event handlers accordingly

We are done with the coding now launch the the windows phone 7 app on the emulator.

While running the this Windows Phone 7 Application, it will generate the unique URI from Microsoft Cloud Service as shown below and also it will subscribe the unique URI generated from Microsoft Cloud Service to the cloud service written above. and if cloud service created above is not running we have to first launch the cloud service created above.


Once the application is running on the Emulator we have to pin the windows phone application to the start/home screen. please go through my earlier post.

How to Pin/Un Pin applications to Start/Home Screen on Windows Phone 7/Tiles on Windows Phone 7

Stay in the start page of the windows phone 7 after pinning the WindowsPhoneToast application.

Now run the ToastComposer – the WPF application created above

Enter the toast message and click on send button


To understand the status please go through the
Push Notification Service Response Codes for Windows Phone from MSDN

Now go back to the Windows Phone 7 Emulator and verify the toast message, even when application is not running we are able to receive the toast if the application is pinned to start.


Thank You :)


Initial Posting 10th December 2010.

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