Windows Presentation Foundation Tools and Controls

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Expression Blend by Microsoft

Formerly known as Expression Interactive Designer (and "Sparkle"), this application allows you to build next-generation user experiences that take advantage of WPF. Expression Interactive Designer supports vectors, pixel images, 3D content, video and audio, high quality text, and animation.

  Expression Design by Microsoft

Expression Design is primarily an application that is used to author graphic content using both bitmaps and vectors. Its powerful XAML export capabilities make it a natural fit for creating assets that can be incorporated into other XAML tools like Expression Blend.

Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 by Microsoft

Visual Studio 2008 includes Intellisense, project templates, and a visual designer that provides developers with support for building WPF applications. If you remember the Visual Studio 2005 extensions (or the codename "Cider"), this is what you're looking for.

  Aurora by MOBIFORM Software

Aurora is a visual designer that produces XAML documents for WPF development. It's more than a drawing or painting program and can be used as a standalone application, a plug-in for software applications, or used seamlessly inside of Visual Studio.

ZAM 3D by Electric Rain

ZAM 3D provides developers and designers with a quick and easy solution for creating 3D interface elements for WPF-based applications. It also works as a 3ds-to-XAML and dxf-to-XAML converter.

  Maya To XAML by Thomas Goddard

A plug-that allows designers to create 3D user interfaces in Maya and export them to XAML. Currently supports the export of models and textures. Future capabilities will include the export of animation, cameras, and lighting.

XAML Exporter for Blender by Daniel Lehenbauer

A script that exports model and texture data from Blender (an open source 3D graphics tool) to XAML files that can be dynamically loaded or compiled into a WPF application.

  Online Converter from 3ds to XAML by Andrej Benedik

Upload a 3ds file and get a converted XAML file in return.

Adobe Fireworks to WPF/XAML Exporter

A free extension that installs a custom panel within Fireworks. It copies XAML directly to the clipboard for anything that is selected on the stage.

  Adobe Illustrator to WPF/XAML Export Plug-In by Me

A freely-available plug-in that adds XAML as an export format from within Adobe Illustrator.

LightWave to XAML Converter

Upload a 200K-or-less LightWave 3D file (.lwo) and get back XAML that retains geometry, textures, and animation.

  XamlXporter for Illustrator by Pavan Podila

A C# script that uses the Illustrator CS2 COM Type Library to export artwork in WPF/XAML format. Details here.

SWF2XAML: A Flash to XAML Conversion Tool by Me

Converts Adobe/Macromedia Flash/SWF files to XAML. Current version supports shape conversion only (no animation or ActionScript).

  Deep Exploration by Right Hemisphere

Imports from over 40 3D file formats, allows modifications, and exports to XAML (among many other formats).

theConverted - SWF to XAML Edition by Debreuil Digital Works

Convert SWF (Flash) animation to the XAML format, for use in Vista, WPF, and Silverlight. Includes support for sound, animation, and fonts. ActionScript conversion coming in the near future.

  Swift 3D by Electric Rain

Swift 3D is a 3D authoring environment that exports frame-by-frame animation in XAML format for use with both Silverlight and WPF.

ViewerSvg and ReaderSvg by Andrej Benedik

Convert and import SVG vector drawings for use with WPF.

  Paste2Xaml and ReaderWmf by Andrej Benedik

Read Windows Metafiles (WMF), Enhanced Metafiles (EMF), and get Metafile objects from the clipboard, and convert them to XAML.



I am aware of many third-party controls that are being developed, and some of them are available for download.

NetAdvantage for WPF 2007 by Infragistics

Infragistics has released a WPF control suite that includes: xamDataGrid, xamCarouselPanel, xamCarouselListBox, xamDataCarousel, xamDataPresenter, xamEditors, some StylePacks, and a xamples Browser.

  Chart FX for WPF by Software FX 

Software FX has overhauled their Chart FX product to take full advantage of the 2D, 3D, animation, and data binding capabilities of WPF. Contact for more information or download the NDA and apply for the beta program on their site.

Actipro Wizard by Actipro Software

Actipro Wizard is a WPF-based .NET control that conforms to the Wizard97 specification.

  DataGrid for WPF by Xceed

A free, fully-featured, professional data grid control for WPF. Check out the Xceed DataGrid for WPF LiveExplorer for an online demo.

Wpf-Ribbon by DevComponents

A Guidelines-compliant implementation of the Office 2007 Ribbon control for WPF. Similar to their DotNetBar control for Windows Forms.

  Actipro Ribbon by Actipro Software

Actipro Ribbon is a WPF-based .NET control that conforms to the Office 2007 UI specifications.

blendables by identity mine

Their essentials mix includes: Zoombox, ElementSnapshot, Carousel3D, ChromelessWindow, DragAndDrop, Pie, OSChecker, TimelinePanel, EvalBinding and SimpleBinding, NumericRangeToObjectConverter.

  SandRibbon by Divelements

Here's another WPF-based control that implements the Office 2007 UI Ribbon user interface.

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