Programming Pearls tips

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1. Careful analysis of a small problem can sometimes yield tremendous practical benefits.  see <Software Requirements & Specifications>

2. What primitives will we use to solve the problem?  see <aha! insight>

3. Don't write a big program whe a little one will do. see  <How to Solve It>

4. The problem is important and requires careful code, the development of the program is important and and requires careful code, the development of program is guided by verification ideas, and the anaylysis of correctness employs general tools.

5. effort at a little problem: Scaffolding->pseudocode



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Programming Pearls

第一章1.外部排序的一个经典方法:多路归并排序 解法1:把n个元素分为k路,先读取[1,k]个元素进行排序,然后写入临时文件1中,再读取[k+1,k+k]元素进行排序,写入文件2中,依次类推,直到所有...
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Programming Pearls

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