Convert Schematic from Altium to Cadence

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Convert Schematic from Altium to Cadence

Started by d0zero on 13 Nov 2014 11:50 PM. Topic has 2 replies and 6887 views. 
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Hi All,

I want to convert Schematic files from Altium Designer Summer 2009 (.SchDoc) to :

  • Cadence OrCAD Capture Schematic non-hierarchical EDIF v 9.2 or 10.x or 16.x (.EDF) (.DSN not supported) (pstxref.dat, pstchip.dat & pstxprt.dat files if possible)
  • Cadence OrCAD Capture Schematic hierarchical:  pstxprt.dat, pstchip.dat, and pstxnet.dat (Select top-most level, Create Netlist)
  • Cadence Allegro Layout Board/MCM File version 14.x, 15.x, 16.x (.BRD/.MCM)
  • Cadence Concept HDL Packaged Schematic Files(pstxref.dat, pstchip.dat, pstxprt.dat) (Select top-most level, Export Physical, retrieve files in Packaged folder)

It's possible to convert to at least one of thees formats ?

Best Regards.

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  • Yes. Talk to FlowCAD who have a translator from Altium to either HDL or Capture for the front end and Allegro for the back.
  • In reply to steve:

    Yes. Elgris Technologies, Inc provide translators and can translate schematics from Altium to OrCAD Capture and from Altium to ConceptHDL. Elgris can extract EDIF200 schematic from Altium Designer if required. Elgris can translate Altium layout to Allegro layout too. Check
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